Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Note to Self...

Nikko did well in Speech Therapy today. I don't mean that he spoke, although he did make sounds and a little jargoning, but that he interacted well with Gloria. He played with her toys, a barnyard game, a magna doodle (he spent a long time drawing circles on it), stringing animals on a flexible base, shape sorting and bubbles. Gloria had a cool new bottle where you squeeze the bottle and the wand kind of pops out. You can blow bubbles without getting your hands messy. Awesome! Nikko also liked a picture book that had touch and feel stuff, like fur for an elephant ear or a fuzzy patch for duck feathers. I made a mental note to dig up any board books I had stored in the nursery, and to look around at Targer or Costco for any board books that seem cool. Gloria mentioned going to the library and I always cringe just a little bit when that's suggested. The library is a great place for books, no doubt, but my kids have a tendency to end up trashing sturdy board books. Imagine if we borrowed one and returned it all taped up! Also, it's too much for me to handle hauling all three kids to the library where they will want to run around and make noise. I can't police them like that. I can only bring them if Brianna comes along, and even then I'll have to see if I can handle wearing Audrey plus one boy.

Nikko's eye contact was really good today during therapy when it came to looking at the objects she placed in front of him. Nikko often looks away, almost on purpose, when you put something in front of his eyes. I have had to put a hand on his chin and make him look at me directly at times. He didn't really look at Gloria that much, but when she put a picture on a coin in front of him, he took a second to examine the coin, recognize the picture, and match up the picture to something else. This is akin to the memory card game that Jen plays with Nikko. Note to self: buy memory card game!! That's why I really want to revisit Constructive Playthings so I can browse what they have. There's a website, but I get overwhelmed with all the searchable features that ironically I can't find what I'd like.

According to Brianna, Nikko fell asleep not long after I left for the chiropractor, and he slept for two hours. He seemed rested, but I don't know if he fell asleep quickly this evening or not (gotta check w/Denis). I want to know if a two-hour nap was too much, even though it was early in the day. The rest of the day went well, but Nikko has been extremely clingy to me lately. Like glue. He also peers into my face a lot lately. He doesn't try to touch my face or explore my features like Ronin does, but he puts his face within centimeters of mine and just peers at me. I don't mind looking back at him, but I do wonder, as I seem to do every day, what goes on in that head of his.

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