Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jen's last day

Jen's last day as our DT was today. Nikko did all right in therapy. He had only a few moments where he wanted to leave the corner, but he interacted for the most part. He sorted colored shapes into baskets, but when she gave him a whole handful of them he seemed overwhelmed. He did the memory card game again, the construction vehicle puzzle and some finger plays. She pulled out monkeys in a barrel and that was different. There was also a wooden toy where you put a square over a peg (each square had a little hole on one side to fit over the peg) and then you matched colored circles below each square. I loved how Nikko figured out how to locate the little hole and then tried to fit it on each peg. At the end of the session, Jen was kind enough to chitchat with me about hanging in there in general. She reminded me that things will be hard but to keep forging forward. And then she was gone. I think Jen had the most awesome pair of black Coach winter boots I had ever seen. :) Chinny had come over to sit with Ronin while therapy went on, and they did fine in the basement. Ronin had slept in his highchair at the beginning of therapy, but that was short-lived. She stayed the afternoon and then left for work at 4:30p.

Later in the afternoon, when Denis came home around 5p, I let the kiddies go in the basement and run around a lot. They climbed the foof chairs and "jumped" from them to the couch while I sat with Audrey. I could feel a little temperature coming on, but wasn't sure until dinnertime. She had 4 shots yesterday so the temperature was forthcoming. Although Nikko has been very emotional and clingy to me lately, he has been a joy to be around. He is relatively happy and smiles up at me. He is listening to me when I tell him to come finish his meals, although he might not follow what I'm saying. We make a little game of changing his diaper, which makes it more fun for both of us. He is getting better at the Wheels on the Bus song and when he hears that title he immediately makes his hands go round and round. He doesn't always mimic the rest of the motions but he is listening and is aware.

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