Friday, February 12, 2010

ABA progress / poor transitions

Nikko didn't have school today due to some School Improvement Day where the PM kids go in the AM. I wonder if he missed it. Nikko woke up early, too, at 6:30a. I came in and his cries woke up Ronin. I told Ronin to go back to sleep, I shuffled Nikko back to his bed, and then I put blankets on the floor for myself. It was still early, and darn it there wasn't school, so maybe the boys could fall back asleep. No chance. Nikko started babbling to himself, and loudly, so much that I had to quiet him several times to no avail. Ronin couldn't go back to sleep, so after 7a I gave up and put us in the living room to chill before breakfast. Nikko got to watch the morning TV lineup on PBS of Sid the Science Kid, Super WHY, Dinosaur Train and Sesame Street. Word World is after SS, but I tend to flip back to the Sprout Channel to watch The Wiggles. But today Ronin wanted to watch WW, which is really a good show, so I had to give up The Wiggles for the morning. Even though I was just saying yesterday that I felt bad for raising my voice at Ronin, the morning ended up the same way, with Ronin whining for the way he wanted things and me getting frustrated that he wouldn't make a choice or make up his mind or just stop whining! I also started putting Ronin in Time Out when he does something that's mean or hurtful to Nikko or Audrey, or when I can see that he just needs to get away from Nikko for whatever squabble they are having. It's for his safety, too, since Nikko could knock Ronin down hard if he wanted to.

Maria came at 1p for Nikko's therapy. I confirmed that our group meeting with Linda H. and Nikko's teachers wasn't happening until the 23rd or 24th. We went downstairs with Nikko to get him started, but didn't stay long at all. I told Nikko I'd be in the kitchen and to have a fun session! Then off we went. He was looking up at the stairs as we left, but Maria was engaging him and there were no tears. I warned Maria that Nikko was having another bout of constipation, and we think it did impact (pun) his session because he wasn't totally himself. I heard him grunting at the very end right before he came upstairs, and later on he was finally able to go. Maria had suggested the MiraLAX that my SIL Anna uses, noting that many kids on the autism spectrum have constipation as well. I think I've also read that somewhere. Guess I better call Dr. Santiago to see if she can give me an idea what a recommended dosage could be, since diluted grape juice isn't working as much as I thought. The rest of the afternoon was ok. Ronin was resisting his nap again but I force him to take it, which makes me sad that I can't put him down peacefully lately. All he wants to do is play, but he will run out of gas by the late afternoon and be super cranky before bed.

I just took a few minutes to review Nikko's ABA binder. Looks like Maria made some notes on percentages, to track his progress for the upcoming meeting. If I'm reading it correctly, a P = prompt, I = Incorrect, and C = Correct. I think they try things twice before issuing a prompt. For example, for a greeting, they will wave and say, Hi Nikko. [no response]. They will repeat wave and say, Hi Nikko. [no response]. The third time they will pick up Nikko's hand in a wave and say Hi Nikko, and usually he will start to wave and/or say Hi back. That's considered a trial. If Nikko responded with a hi and a wave the first time, it would equal a C. Either it was 3 times (but definitely less than 10) a C would equal mastery of a skill. I'm assuming that's at 3 consecutive visits. Nikko hasn't mastered any skills as of yet, Maria told me, but he's good at some things and not at others. From his binder, I can assume that he's not good at greeting, body parts, block building/imitating what they are building, personal information like his name and how old he is, and coloring in the lines. But he seems to be improving or doing well at identifying family members, commands like sit down and stand up, and matching pictures. I'm sure I'm missing other skills, but it's in the binder. I hope Maria remembers to bring up the pointing skill that Nikko is lacking, as something new to work on. That's what the group meeting is intended for, to review what's been going on, discuss it with Linda, and see how to move forward with more progress and/or different skills. I don't think they'll always need his teachers at these monthly meetings, just the first one. But Linda will be involved in the monthly meeting to some capacity. Fine with me, so long as Nikko improves.

Nikko had difficulty transitioning to the bathtub again tonight. I don't know why. It's bothering me because it's a break in our routine. In fact, our bathtime and bedtime routines will change once again this weekend when we move the crib and Nikko's bed. Denis told me to wait for the weekend so he could help, which I conceded to because I am not quite 100% today. Still feel cloudy in the head.

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