Sunday, February 7, 2010


Another day at home, another day with sick kids. Luckily, Nikko is not feverish, just has a hacking cough. I spent most of the day trying to placate a cranky Ronin and a Ds. Jekyl/Ms. Hyde Audrey, who were both sporting fevers and erratic naptimes today. Nikko didn't nap at all and so was very tired at bedtime. (whew!) He was in good spirits for most of the day. I had to put him to an auditory test today when I preheated the oven for a D/E/N-free cake I was baking at Ronin's request. The timer went off right when we were in the kitchen. Nikko was steps away so I lunged toward him and tried to cover his ears while saying something really loud. I talked to him at length saying it was ok, no big deal, let's go do something else, and he didn't melt down into a puddle of tears. This incident happened again when I preheated the oven to bake some bread, and Nikko was standing right near the oven. I lunged again and he didn't cry, but I think he would have if I didn't talk in his ear so much. Today was challenging with Nikko because he kept putting his face right into Audrey's, and wanted to take clay right from Ronin's hands. Yep, I'm a referee, too. We were watching the end of the Superbowl tonight when Denis had a bowl of blueberries. Ronin and Nikko were having some, and at one point Nikko said, "Blueberry!" clear as a bell. He is doing a good job of repeating a word if we prompt him to say it, but he's not naming things spontaneously. I think I have to work on that vocabulary component with him. (The New Orleans Saints won the Superbowl, by the way) I have a plan in the works to take the kids to the Kohl Children's Museum on Friday. I asked Chinny if she could come with me, because it's an outing that I just can't do on my own, sadly. These kids need to get out of the house and have a good times somewhere! I think they will all enjoy the museum since it's been so long since we've been there. Chinny might bring Chester along, too, and I invited Mom to come along if she felt like it. There's no special occasion; I just want to show my kiddos a good time. They deserve it, after being sick all weekend.


  1. I have this vision of you just lunging out of no where at him. He's probably thinking that his mom is a crazy woman always lunging when the oven is on. LOL I hope he doesn't associate oven on = mom lunging.

  2. This is kind of true, me lunging at him out of the blue to cover his ears AND start yelling really loudly. He must think I am going nuts!!! :)