Monday, February 1, 2010

Dohw ig-oohs

Nikko had ABA at 2p. Melissa came in and Nikko went in the opposite direction! With some coaxing we all headed downstairs and I stayed with them until Melissa had her binder ready. She called Nikko over and he came to sit down, then I stood up with Audrey & Ronin and told him to have a fun time playing. Nikko started to whine and when I looked back over the staircase he was trying to peer at me from around Melissa. I headed upstairs and the crying started to subside. Then I heard nothing. I was told that he got over it and did very well in therapy today. Yea! I had some Hi-5 playing in the DVD player today, trying to take a break from the Mighty Machines. I spent some time going through a box of clothes and books that my friend Michelle gave to us since her boys are slightly older than mine (youngest is 2, but doesn't need everything she has). Ronin became attached to another Mater truck and a train book, Audrey attached to two xylophone sticks and Nikko was carting around a yellow VHS tape in a case of The Wiggles' Yummy Yummy. After dinner, I took the kids downstairs for some gross motor action. I put The Wiggles on the big screen and got the kids dancing a bit.

Denis came home from work and it was time to put the kids to bed. I was kind of worried about Nikko because he hadn't napped all day and I expected him to be super cranky. He wanted Ronin's Mater truck and already tried to steal it from Ronin. As we finished brushing their teeth, I noticed that Nikko was chanting something repeatedly. When I stopped to listen, it sounded like "Dohw ig-oohs, dohw ig-oohs," and then I realized that he was singing the opening song of The Wiggles. He would stop to add some jibberish that could very well have been other song verses, but kept in time with the beat. I smiled when I realized this and silently thanked God for letting me see something so amazing happen. I didn't cry, surprisingly. As I sit here, I'm trying not to. Nikko has repeated words when prompted, and when I ask him what DVD he wants to watch he'd sign or say CARS or give a garbled Mighty Machines attempt. I thought he was over watching The Wiggles because we hadn't seen it in a few days. But by watching them, he's imitated dance moves and now he let his singing voice out. I'm grateful, so thanks Greg, Anthony, Murray and Jeff.


  1. Aww, that's beautiful when you see your son do something so amazing such as sing a short verse or even say or sound out a word!!! I got teary eyed reading this post. It reminded me of when Sean was that age and was starting to talk more...Nikko sounds like he's doing great! Keep up the good work mom and dad ;)

  2. Thanks, Heather! I know people say that when kids start talking you wish they'd stop, but right now I am loving every word and pseudo-word that Nikko makes. :)