Monday, February 22, 2010

TMI on #2 / ?s for Team Mtg

Just when I said he didn't have the difficult constipation since...TMI ALERT!....TMI ALERT!..... I heard Nikko grunting today so after giving him some time I felt the outside of his bum and he had a big #2. There was also an awful stench, the kind that fills up the living room, so I was eager to change him and breathe with my nose again. In his diaper was a big poo, probably a few red potatoes in length, but it was malleable, which makes it different from a regular constipated poo because it wasn't as solid/hard as past ones. There was also liquidy #2 around it, perhaps a product of the MiraLAX, so I flushed this whole package down the toilet instead of let it sit in the Diaper Genie for two days. If Nikko hadn't taken some form of MiraLAX, I think this #2 effort would have lasted a few more days and been way more painful.

BACK TO OUR REGULAR NIKKO PROGRAM - Nikko woke up at 6a so I lay with him instead of leave. It felt like 5a to me, unfortunately. Ronin woke us all up at 7:15, crying out to open the door, and that woke up Audrey as well. Our day was ok, but spent the morning watching The Reef. Melissa came over for ABA at 2p. She had a sprained ankle but was still able to go down the stairs. She said that Nikko had a good session, but was really wiggly. I read her notes and Nikko is acting defiant in some activites and has a short attention span. Our team meeting is supposed to be on Wednesday so I think I'll jot down some questions for Linda and Maria such as:
- Has Nikko's sudden change in attention span affected his drills?
- Is this period of sleep training directly affecting his attention span? He's been napping on the bus for 15 minutes on the way home, so he gets a few zzzz's whereas he never used to nap consistently.
- What drills has Nikko improved? Which have decreased? Should pointing be a new drill?
- What behavioral traits should I be looking out for in his regular home life that might be directly affected (good or bad) by ABA?

Nikko didn't nap the rest of the day, and I tried to prevent him from napping after 4pm. I took the kids into the basement along with some toys from upstairs just to give the therapists more choices in things to play during Nikko's breaks. Nikko was tired out by bedtime and fell asleep quickly. He has school tomorrow so I hope he doesn't wake at 4a +/-.

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