Saturday, February 6, 2010

Face time

Poor Nikko still has residual coughing from the past week. Now Ronin and Audrey have fevers, and Audrey is dealing with a hacking cough that's keeping her from sleeping straight tonight. :( I gave her tylenol and don't want to give her any cough syrup (because it might be expired) because that might be overkill on meds. Therefore, she's suffering. We didn't do anything exciting today. We put on Disney's Cars after lunch, and Nikko must have been tired from his morning wakings (bolted out of bed at 6a, luckily I was in the room on Ronin's bed trying to soothe a Ronin waking from 5a) so he took a nap from 1:30 to 2:30. Then I put in Racing To The Rainbow, a Wiggles movie, and the kids showed interest in that. Poor Ronin had an invisibly runny nose today, some throwing up episodes, and seemed only slightly less miserable than yesterday. During the movies, Nikko kept going up to Audrey and putting his face merely centimeters away from hers, squinting and looking directly at her. She'd push him away, or I'd tickle him away saying to leave her alone. He does that to me sometimes as well, but I always think that Audrey will clock him in the head if he persists with her. I don't think we're going anywhere tomorrow, and that might drive Ronin and Audrey and myself crazy. We haven't been anywhere in a while. Their sick kid status prohibits them from going places, but we are seriously going stir crazy. :( I spent most of the day trying to keep Ronin company, reading to him, wiping his nose and making sure he didn't throw up in the living room. *sigh*

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