Friday, February 5, 2010

No pointing / sick kids

I think the topic this week at preschool is community helpers since Nikko's been coming home with projects about the dentist, firemen and police officers. He came home with a fire station coloring book and some trading cards that had the Hanover Park police offers on them. After lunch Maria came over at 1p for Nikko's therapy. Ronin and I walked them down, hung out for a minute, and then I ushered Ronin toward the staircase, kissing Nikko g'bye and have a fun session. Nikko was trying to look over Maria's shoulder at us as we went upstairs but she was blocking him and engaging him in an activity. There were NO tears. And when he came up later on, Maria said he did very well today, is completing his drills really quickly. She said that he can say Audrey's name, and said his own name, too. Maria asked me if Nikko could point, and I said no, he couldn't. She noticed it when she held up family pictures for him to identify and he didn't point at all. She said it was a skill he will need in school and that they should start working on that. Our group meeting with Linda and probably Kathy Winters is supposed to be at 4:30p on 2/16. After Maria left I cleaned up the kitchen and tried to hang with Audrey and Nikko since Ronin was napping. I thought about taking the kids to the grocery or to Meijer so I could look at board games for Nikko's therapy, but Ronin's cough had developed into a hacking cough and he spiked a fever around 4pm. Nikko also fell asleep at 4 so I let him nap. Unfortunately he napped for 1.5 hours and I believe it affected his bedtime. He didn't go to sleep easily, even though he was tired. He got up and cried and wailed at the door three times. I came in at five minute increments, and the 3rd time I went in shorter than 10 minutes because I could hear Ronin crying in his bed. Nikko's cried has woken him up, which was sad because Ronin had drifted off to sleep nicely while I gave him an albuterol treatment for his cough. I put Nikko back to bed and saw that he was exhausted from crying and wailing, and I pleaded with him to just go to sleep. Thankfully, there were no more jailbreaks after the 3rd time, but it makes me seriously consider separating the boys. I'll check on Ronin to see if his temperature is still in the fever range, because if he's still sick then I don't want to take him out of the house. This is unfortunate because I wanted to go visit my dad again on Friday afternoon. Now we'll have to see if we have to put us under quarantine. Audrey was also warm, but she was battling some constipation (yes, another one!!) most of the day until I finally helped her by letting her straddle my lap so she could push, instead of keeping her legs straight. Nikko has a hacking cough but no fever. Let's just see what happens tomorrow.

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