Tuesday, February 9, 2010


My two youngest ones are still feverish. It goes down during the day, slightly, but they get worse at dinnertime. If it persists tomorrow, I will have to haul everyone to the pediatrician after Nikko's preschool. And there's a snowstorm tomorrow. Great.

Melissa came with a cough for Nikko's therapy. Since our house is already full of sick kiddos I let her go ahead with Nikko. We went downstairs and I had Audrey, fresh from a nap. Ronin just went down, fighting a nap. Melissa went to set up the binder and I sat on a foof chair with Audrey. Nikko stood in front of me, waiting to see when I'd leave. When Melissa started calling him over, Nikko looked at me and put his hand over his face dragging down. "Are you sleepy Nikko? I'm a little sleepy," I told him, because that's generally the sign for sleep. But maybe 30 minutes later, when I was in the kitchen putting dishes away, it dawned on me that there's another interpretation for that hand sign: SAD. Was Nikko trying to tell me he was sad that I was going? Because after the sign, I bade him farewell and have fun, he walked over to the table while looking at me, and even sat down still looking at me but his body language was eager to start working. Then Melissa was blocking him from my sight so I turned around and walked to the stairs. I heard her showing Nikko the picture schedule of what they were going to do today, and that was it. No tears at all. His session was good, according to her notes. The rest of the afternoon was a blur of Ronin being crabby, Audrey being crabby and taking a nap, Nikko making lots of verbalizations and running back and forth, even doing a few jigs in the living room, and standing on top of an ottoman and taking a leap onto the star mat in front of the couch. He also keeps putting his face right up into Audrey's, and she gets annoyed. It reminds me of a dog provoking another dog, nose to nose. Nikko thinks it's funny, and thinks it's even funnier when he looks over at me from the corner of his eye to see if I'll admonish him and/or push him away from Audrey. Nikko went to bed really tired again, no nap today. But I wonder if he'll wake up at 3a, which is what he did last night. I don't understand his sleeping patterns anymore, and wonder how long his middle-of-the-night wakings are going to last! And the more and more I see Ronin getting irritated with Nikko (maybe it's just because Ronin is sick and is super-irritated at everything), the more I'm thinking that I should separate the boys from their shared room. I still haven't done it, mainly because I'd have to take apart Audrey's crib, move it into the nursery and reassemble it. I did it by myself the last time, and will probably have to do it myself again this time so I'm dreading it. Then Nikko will be moved to the middle room, and then I guess the sleep training would start all over again. When am I going to tackle this??


  1. Wow! No protests... that's excellent.
    And lots of verbalizations and attempts to engage Audrey... those are huge steps forward.

    I know last winter here was awful for everyone... sounds like it's just continuing for you... so many nasty bugs. Ugh.


  2. Val, good point about engaging Audrey. I'm spending so much energy trying to shove him away from her face when I should just watch it unfold as it may. And if she gets too agitated, then redirect Nikko. It is a huge step forward. Thanks for reminding me. :)