Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good Jenna session

Mrs. I's note:
Very resistive to movement activities today - impacted the rest of the session. However, very verbal - consistent vocalizations.

I wonder why he didn't want to move. I wonder if anything has to do with his latest bouts of constipation. By this evening's end, Nikko was straining again but nothing came out. I talked to Atz about it and she says to up the liquids and the fiber. Guess I'll try oatmeal tomorrow morning, no guarantee that he'll take it. And gotta find a new bottle of wheat germ. But the vocalizations seem to be consistent as to what's going on at home. He's really been babbling since the weekend. I wonder if he can hear what he's saying. I was watching him at lunch and he was singing The Wiggles again, inserting jargon where verses belong, but he was also talking to himself and being very animated about his subject matter. The afternoon dragged for him, but he perked up when I served peaches for snack. Jenna arrived a little after 4:30p and we headed to the basement. After letting her chitchat with him and myself regarding the bedtime situation, I told Nikko it was time for him to work, have a good session, and I scooped up the other kids. Nikko started to whine a little, and was fighting his tears while Jenna stood in front of him, blocking him, and starting to engage him in a fun ball activity. I glimpsed back quickly at Nikko and saw his face all red and his eyes scrunched up and his mouth in a grimace, but when we got to the top of the stairs and closed the door, I didn't hear any crying at all. He got over it. Jenna said his session was good, that they played with blocks and she said, "Build it," and then he said Build It right back to her, twice. Meanwhile, upstairs I had Ronin and Audrey playing with Play-Doh on the kitchen floor. Audrey soon tired of it and I put her down for a nap, but Ronin was digging into the clay and loved it. I thought he would burn out of it, but then he figured out how to make a Larry the Cucumber figure. It actually looked like Bob the Tomato, just a ball of red clay, so I rolled it into a cylinder aka Larry the Cucumber. Voila! He loved it and would have played with it all night but I had him clean it up because it was almost dinnertime. Nikko went to bed tired and was asleep before Ronin was tucked in. I hope Nikko doesn't have an early waking tonight. Last night he woke up at 2a. I went to put him back to bed and leaned on the edge, debating whether or not I should stay or go. Then he put a hand on my arm, which caused me to touch his forehead and it was very warm. I wonder if he woke up because he wasn't feeling well, so I ended up staying on the floor after giving him some Tylenol. I don't want to do that again tonight. I don't know when I'm going to start the sleep training again, but need to do it because I know I shouldn't be on the floor. Maybe tomorrow. :/

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