Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ped trip for Ronin & Audrey

OT report: Much better session today. Engaged in all activities - did lots of sensory motor activities - trampoline, rolling, big ball activities & wheelbarrow walk. At table - worked on squeezing clothespins and dot art [heart] paper.

I guess a skill they're trying to teach in OT is to color things inside of the lines. There's probably hand-over-hand and pointing involved. Kind of funny in the long term sense because people try to teach you to think outside the box. Ha ha.

After school, mom came over to help me take the kids to the pediatrician. Might I add that it currently snowed around 10 inches today alone? I am so grateful that she drove over here. Nikko was very well-behaved at the peds, while Audrey was getting checked out (has an ear infection), and while Ronin was getting his left ear flushed. Nikko just stood by my side, making sure he was connecting with my leg at some point. He studied Ronin's angry, scrunched up face while Ronin was yelling that his ear hurt from the water. At the end, I gave Nikko and Ronin Dum Dum lollipops for their good behavior. We went to Target to get amoxicillin for Audrey. I took Nikko inside since he was going ballistic when mom even walked through our front door. Strange, sort of, because he has accepted that his ABA therapists will come over and work with him downstairs without me for 1.5 hours, but when he sees mom at our house he panics because he thinks she will stay here and I will leave him. Nikko took a 45 minute nap, and it resulted in him having 3 jailbreaks after bedtime. We didn't have ABA with Jenna today because the snow was so thick and traffic was bad, but she offered to come tomorrow at 4:30 instead. Totally fine with me. So Audrey has an ear infection and her meds will hopefully help bring the fever down. Ronin's fever seems to have gone down today, but if it spikes up again tomorrow, I'll have to bring him back. Booooooo!

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