Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Team Nikko Meeting

Today at 4 was Nikko's ABA Team Meeting including his teachers. Prior to the meeting I tried to keep the house from getting trashed, but wasn't as stringent as I was when we had our first ever team meeting. I knew the kids would turn over buckets of blocks and scatter cars everywhere, so I saved the final pick-up for the last half-hour. Unfortunately, Nikko has taken to scratching in his diaper if a #2 has become very uncomfortable for him, so this is the second time I caught him while scratching and walked him by his wrists to the tub so I could clean up his yucky hands and his bottom. I hope the poo smell wasn't lingering by the time the team walked through the door.

TEAM NIKKO = The ABA Team (Maria, Melissa and Jenna) and the School Team (Linda Hoeck, Kathy Winters ST, Margie McCarthy and Mrs. I OT). We all met in our basement, reconfigured in a circle to accommodate everyone while the kids ran around in the middle. Linda ran the meeting, going over each activity in the binder and talking about how the therapists run their drills with Nikko. In turn, Kathy, Margie and Mrs. I would talk about how it is done in school. It was revealed that Nikko does a better job at school in doing matching games because he places pictures that have the sticky tack on the back, vs. in ABA he doesn't quite put the pictures on top of the other. The school is going to send home some blocks for Nikko to use in stacking, probably plain-faced blocks. Another thing that was discussed was that Nikko has been verbalizing so much lately, imitating words and some actions, but is regressing in fine motor skills. This is supposed to be normal, for any kid as well. Overall, the meeting was a positive one, emphasizing that Nikko is coming along nicely but could use some help in areas such as dressing and self-care. Kathy reminded us that he likes to use glue sticks and also likes bubbles. It was a progress report meeting to make sure that the ABA team was in alignment with the School team, and it looks like they are. I'd say it was a successful meeting. Ronin was running around, showing off, and Audrey was very sweet to everyone. Nikko and Ronin were chasing each other around and Kathy said it was good to see him engaging in activity with his brother. Nikko was also sitting in my lap and thumbing through some books, and Kathy remarked that she's never seen Nikko so interested in books.

Nikko hadn't fallen asleep on the way home, even though he had a 4:45a wakening, so by bathtime he was exhausted. He fell asleep before I was able to sing to him, poor little guy. He has school and ABA at 1p with Maria tomorrow. And it snowed a few inches from the time the teachers left until the kids' bedtime. Brrrrr.

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