Monday, February 1, 2010

More straining, but babbling, too.

Nikko seemed to have an ok day except for the bout of constipation again. All week he's been having some kind of slow bowel movement (sorry, TMI for many!), but nothing as bad as the stuff resulting from the suppository incident. Until today. He was straining badly again, to the point of squealing, but he was able to push something out and I'm wondering how it is that things are getting blocked up there. He eats Cheerios every day, has juice, still does drink chocolate milk, ate some blueberries and orange yesterday, eats pizza and chicken nuggets... but is that enough to plug him up? He eats Saltine crackers, but so does Ronin and Ronin's not constipated. Ok, but Ronin doesn't eat dairy either. Audrey does because she has to drink whole milk for now. Nikko is so picky that he doesn't eat the green foods, forget having a salad. Sometimes he'll eat kidney beans if they're in chili. And I thought eating bananas was constipating, but it's listed as having 2.5 grams of fiber.

We met up with the Penepacker's and the rest of the Alog clan at Old Country Buffet for an early dinner and Rory's 12th birthday. The kids did surprisingly well, including Audrey. She sat at the corner end of a long table and was happy stuffing her face with spaghetti noodles, bread, breaded fish and fries. Oh, and Jell-O. Nikko would fall apart when he noticed that I stepped away from the table so I had to take him with me. All the kids stayed in their seats for the most part, but Ronin was eager to go play with Jovy and get chased around an open patch of floor. Nikko got into a laughing fit, too, but he looked cute anyway. I think Nikko had been jargoning nonstop since the afternoon, and it really increased before bedtime. When he was getting dressed for bed I didn't think he'd stop babbling and calm down. Even earlier in the evening when I was doing some dishes Nikko stood in the kitchen babbling to himself and he sounded like he was talking in Cantonese. Since our car trip to OCB was short, it disrupted Nikko's car nap, and therefore he was tired at bedtime. I hope he sleeps through the night, and Ronin too. No school for Nikko tomorrow, but he has therapy at 2p.

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