Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cracker Please!

We tried to be proactive and take everyone on a grocery run during the morning before we ran out of gas. Denis took Audrey to Jewel and I took the boys to Costco. Ronin was really hooked on playing with a backyard play house that was set up for customers. Nikko was curious about it, too, but wouldn't stay in the house very long or if I was out of sight. We came home and got lunch for the kids. Crackers seems to be the golden gotta-have-it food of the moment. When I asked Nikko what he wanted to eat besides his pizza, he looked up at me and tilted his head as if I wouldn't approve of what he was going to ask for. I asked again, and he said, "Crack-grr!" I said, "Cracker, please," expecting him to say it and just sign please. But he said, "Crack-grr PLEASE," and signed please at the same sign. I was surprised! So I gave him crackers and praise. How could I refuse that kind of request? :)

11:55p - After lunch I took the kids into the basement to play a while, then came up to put Ronin down for a nap. I was also pretty tired from waking up at 2:30 thanks to Ronin, so I lay on the floor for some sort of a nap with Audrey climbing over me. Nikko lay next to me and I believe I fell asleep for 30 minutes in front of The Wiggles and Audrey behind me. Nikko fell asleep for an hour and I didn't have to wake him up since he automatically bolted into the kitchen upon waking. After 5pm we all went to our group's annual post-holiday get-together, this time at the Owsely's residence. The kids and I have been there twice before for play dates, and when Ronin came inside he took off his coat and shoes and ran right to the basement where all the toys were. Nikko didn't stray too far from me all night because there were many people and kids milling about. Audrey missed her late afternoon nap, unfortunately, and was extremely cranky and clingy. Overall, the kids behaved rather well, playing with toy cars in the living room and only fighting minimally in the grand scheme of things. There was a gift exchange for the kids and I was so humbled that my girlfriends had been really thoughtful in their gifts to the kids, giving Ronin Disney Cars-themed things, and Nemo-themed things for Nikko, and Hello Kitty for Audrey (and me). The kids went to bed late (almost 11-ish) and were very tired. Ronin was cranky as all hell. Nikko didn't fight sleep, but I hope he doesn't wake up at 3:30a. Audrey was exhausted and was glad to find her crib.

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