Monday, January 11, 2010

Field trip for H1N1 shots

Today was going to be a tight schedule around lunchtime. Nikko had a 1:00 H1N1 2nd Vax in Arlington Heights, and Ronin had a 3:00 H1N1 1st Vax at the allergist in Hoffman Estates. From the getgo this morning I tried to pace our schedule, pack the food bag and diapers and DVDs ahead of time, get the kids some grub early, and change them before leaving. Audrey was so grouchy because she wanted a nap at the time I least needed her to, but I figured she could get at least 40 minutes and then I could grab her last, throw on her coat and put her in the carseat. We headed out, on time, and even with ten minutes to spare, I must say. I started dreading things when I saw the nurse, an older lady than the last one we had for the flu shots, who was holding an electronic thermometer. I had hoped we wouldn't need to take Nikko's temperature because the last time I had to hold him down at his torso and grab a leg as well, and it took all my energy to do it. But this nurse told me to hold Nikko close to my chest, like a hug. So I did, picking him up, and that's how she took his temp in the behind. Nikko felt uncomfortable and whined, but he didn't struggle nearly as much as he did before. I was amazed, and wished we did this the last time we were there. But when I had to turn him around to face her for the actual shot, and pretzel his arms in front, he started crying and struggling. We succeeded, but it wasn't fun for poor Nikko.

To erase the bad feelings, and because this entire procedure took five minutes, I decided to take the kids to a McDonald's Playplace in Schaumburg that wasn't too far off Higgins road so that we could skate to the allergist in time. I pseudo-lunched the kids again, and then gave them some time to play on the equipment. It was clean and a very nice atmosphere, much better than the one in Des Plaines. Enough said. Niko didn't go crazy climbing the tree house, but instead opted to hold a DVD case and run around the ground level where there was a "soft" tiger and hippo to crawl over. He also showed some interest in a video game station. I wonder if Nikko would be interested in video games, or even using the laptop anytime soon. It would be a matter of whether or not he could manipulate the mouse or keyboard to make things work.

We made it to the allergist for Ronin's shot and I discovered that instead of a quick 20 minute wait, we would end up there for an hour. They had to observe his skin for 15 minutes using the vax (because it was grown in egg), and then a 30 minute observation after they stuck the shot in him. I corraled the kids in front of Blues Clues, but had to referee between the boys and the cars. Luckily, neither boy got too attached to the fire truck, car carrier and other vehicles that weren't ours. Ronin even said good bye to all the cars, but was lingering with one in his hand. I wonder what thought process he had to go through to come to terms that he couldn't take it, because instead of throwing a tantrum like I expected, after a few minutes he bade the car good bye and put it back. Astonishing.

Audrey and Nikko fell asleep on the way home, and I had to wake them up when we arrived. I have decided that Nikko can only get an hour nap, if he even tries to nap during the day, because any longer than that will cause him not to fall asleep right away at bedtime. Even tonight he got out of bed twice (so far) to try and open the door, which we have tied shut with a bungee cord to a chair, because the wood has warped with the cold weather to disable the doorknob latch. It won't close completely. I unlatch the door when I go to bed so that they can get out in the morning. Unfortunately, this morning Nikko came running to our bed at 5:30a. I don't know why. I couldn't sleep for a while, but Nikko fell asleep comfortably of course.

Being in the parking lot was a stress for me today because I would get Ronin and Nikko out, and had to tell them to stand still (YEAH, LIKE THEY WOULD!) while I fetched Audrey quickly from her seat. At the allergist, when we were leaving it, I went ahead of the boys to hurry them along to the car, but realized that I should have them walk right next to me, even if I'm impatient, because a car could easily come careening around the parked cars, and they wouldn't see Ronin or Nikko walking aimlessly across the parking lot. When we went into the McDonald's I opted to put Nikko and Audrey into the double stroller and put Ronin on the handlebars, and stood him up inside, because I couldn't carry everything including new food on my own. I still worry that the boys will run away, or get into trouble, while I'm holding Audrey. Nikko hasn't shown any signs of bolting, like in the past, but I'm not 100% sure that he wouldn't so I'm still wary of him around me. I think Nikko would prefer to be near me than run away from me, but I still have to be cautious. Taking the kids out all by myself makes me nervous if there isn't a 2nd adult around to help me, simply because it's difficult to hold Audrey in one arm while trying to catch the other boys or keep them from stomping in deep puddles or snowbanks.

T-minus two days until the ABA meeting on Thursday. Got lots to do regarding cleanup. Wanted to accomplish a lot today, but being at doctor offices for the afternoon really threw me for a loop. I'll try to be productive tomorrow. One last thing: Ronin had been protesting bathtime for a solid week, so I decided to haul out the can of foam soap on him. He loves using it on the walls and tries to wash it off. Nikko also enjoys the foam soap, but I can't observe him because I'm usually dressing Ronin up while Denis finishes giving Nikko a bath.

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  1. Just on the logistics alone, Melissa... I take my hat off to you.
    Seriously, I am flat out wrangling one child and a dog.

    So glad you got through today in one piece.