Saturday, January 16, 2010


I packed Nikko's snowsuit and boots in his backpack since it was Friday and the likelihood that they would play outside was very good. Sure enough, he was still dressed in snowpants and boots when I picked him up from the bus. He sat there smiling at me when I saw his outfit. I wonder if he remembered the fun he had playing outside at school. I was amazed that his boots were still on and that he didn't try to kick them off. His progress report said that he was very vocal today in speech. Later in the day I sang some Wiggles songs and left a word out at the end to see if he would complete it, and he did, using either the word (GO, ROUND) or a sound similar to it. I've also been signing Mommy (tap chin with thumb, hand open) and Daddy (tap forehead with thumb, hand open). He'd do it by tapping his pinky to chin, and that's his way of saying Mommy. What I'd really like is for him to say these words, of course.

We went to the in-laws for dinner. Nikko didn't have much of an appetite and chewed (and spit out) a chicken nugget I brought. Finally I took out a piece of pizza I brought from home and he nibbled on it, but didn't finish it. This pickiness is really bothering me because it's limiting what I can feed the boy. Why is it that these kids gravitate toward eating things that aren't the healthiest, and refuses to eat the ones that are? A time-old question, I'm sure.

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