Wednesday, January 20, 2010

4 Chicken Nuggets

Nikko didn't go to school yesterday (Tuesday). He was hot all night. In the morning he threw up whatever drink and little food he took in. He was in and out of sleep until 11a when he took a longer nap. He got better as the afternoon progressed, but later at night his temperature crept up again, and he had a fever again by bedtime. Unfortunately, Audrey caught his fever and was sluggish around dinnertime as well. She woke up hot, and is now extremely cranky.

Nikko didn't go to school again this morning, with a 101.7-102 temp. Again, he's not drinking much, only drinking chocolate milk, and his appetite at lunch is nonexistent. Audrey is waking up from a short nap, screaming, so this day is really exhausting.

11:00p Nikko was slow to start, but he perked up as the day progressed. For dinner, he ate 4 chicken nuggets, which was more than he had eaten in two days. A good sign he'll go to school tomorrow, but I worry slightly because his head was still warm at bedtime. There was only one jailbreak thus far, but I expect another one later. Audrey was also sick today, and I had given her some concentrated acetaminophen drops that I had marked specifically as her bottle. But she was breaking out in hive patches, plus she was SUPER cranky today, so I concluded that the bottle was probably old (I know it was, and am stupid for not starting her on a fresh bottle) and needed to be thrown out. I gave her Benadryl to ease the hives, which did subside by bedtime. Poor thing.

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