Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Light battle again / Bean

The one big issue I have with Nikko right now concerns the lights in the living room and the kitchen. I mentioned before that he switches them on and off very often. He seems to make a protesting whine whenever I command, "Lights ON!" He used to follow whenever I'd request for the lights to be turned on, and I'd reward him with praise. But nowadays my request is hardly followed. I took down all the Christmas lights and stockings today so our ceiling area looks pretty bare. When I flipped all the lights on, he kept running to turn them off. He's balk when I said, "Lights ON!" I got so mad that I turned off the TV and made everyone sit until he would realize that life was more fun if the lights were on. Grrr.

We had a playdate at the Owsley's again, at their house. All the kids behaved pretty well. Audrey was very determined to climb the basement stairs, and again straight for the upstaircase. Nikko seemes to float around the new toys and sometimes had Aiden at his feet confronting him over trains. But overall, Nikko did really well over there. :)

One word I had Nikko almost saying tonight was "Bean". I was eating chili and he kept coming over for red kidney beans. I didn't deny him any.

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