Friday, January 29, 2010

Ah Choo!

Nikko and Ronin ran into the kitchen while I sat here and Nikko said, "Ah, ah, ah, ah--- Ah CHOO!" And he cocked his head back and whipped it forward in a fake sneeze. Then he giggled. He was getting a kick out of it so we all mimicked him and he did it again. We even took turns sneezing. He did this two days ago and I wonder if he picked it up from school. I thought it was particularly funny today so I wrote it down.

2:48p Nikko finished his ABA session with Maria, the President of the company, around 2:25. I heard the baby gate being moved so I opened the door and Nikko was grinning at the foot of the stairs. Very cheerful coming up. Maria said he did really well. He had cried a little at the beginning, when I was leaving the basement with the kids, but the crying didn't last long at all. Maria said he sat for her, she did 20 minutes of drills, he played, he had a little snack of fruit snacks, and when they did more drills he caught on reall quickly. She thought she'd have to leave my picture with him, but he didn't need it. I went ahead and asked Maria her thoughts regarding Nikko's 3:30a wakings and should I remove Ronin from the room. Her first suggestion to me was to be consistent about putting Nikko back into bed without talking to him. Then to come back in 15 minutes and do it again. Like Ferberizing him all over again. But the point is to be consistent. She said not to move Ronin out of there right away, see how it goes with putting Nikko back. It's like reteaching him how to sleep again, that if I give him an inch he'll take it and more. I gave Nikko some leeway because he was sick last week, and this week was his full ABA week, but probably starting tomorrow (Friday) I should try not to sleep on the floor anymore. That will be good for my back, too.


  1. Tiny Nikko... I just love the idea of the pretend sneezes!

    Hope he is sleeping as I type.