Friday, January 22, 2010


Nikko was fever-free today. Yea! But he wasn't acting like his usual self. Boo. Nikko seemed to need more affection from me, just sitting and not playing with toys as vigorously, and the appetite was pretty shot. He didn't nap all day, which made him super tired before bathtime, but also ensured that he would fall asleep quickly once his head hit the pillow. I didn't try to deny him a nap, and his body must have suffered from it because he had been getting more sleep over the past two days.

I was anxious this morning because I had to take the kids with me to run some errands. I had to go to the local For Eyes (Eyeglasses & Contacts store) in Schaumburg to pick up contacts I ordered online, and then needed to go to Costco for provisions. We would have to go before lunchtime because the nap schedule in the afternoon wouldn't guarantee that I could get the kids out the door in a timely manner. When we arrived at the For Eyes, I got Ronin out of the car first and made him stand next to me while I got Nikko out. Then I ordered both boys to stand next to the car door and not move while I got Audrey out. Thank goodness they listened to me for once! I shuffled them into the store, set Audrey down on her feet and was helped at the counter. It wasn't a long wait, thank goodness, but I'm going to have to send a reimbursement claim to our insurance because I ordered online and they didn't have insurance info to submit online. Fine. The kids were good in the store and got smiles as Ronin exited, proclaiming that "I had fun, Mommy!" I jumped on the expressway back toward the Mount Prospect Costco because I'm more familiar with that layout and could expedite our trip faster without guesswork. The kids were good again during the shopping trip. Nikko got antsy but I gave him his grape juice and he was content. Audrey got antsy at the end, but we were going outside by then. My cart was full of heavy things so my arms got a workout: #4 Huggies diapers, 2 Mott's apple juices, Swiffer wet cloth refills, 36pk of Coke (one leaked, didn't know it at the time. Grrr.), cans of kidney beans, cans of diced tomatoes, 3 jars of spaghetti sauce, 4 jars of peaches, and rice milk, which was the heaviest box for some reason. After unloading all that, then hauling the kids inside, it was lunchtime. Ronin threw up all his rice adobo and I had a fit which was over the top, admittedly. Nikko ate a little leftover pizza and also ate some freshly made mac cheese, which made me very happy. The caveat is that he ate practically nothing at dinner except some crackers, plus juice. He was not animated this afternoon, and at nighttime he just wanted to sit in my lap or lay on my leg and swat at anyone who wanted to share me. I hope that his mood improves tomorrow! I apologized to Nikko for having to keep him home from school for a week, and that he didn't get any OT from me (because he was sick). I said this as his eyes started looking sideways and up toward the ceiling. It made me sad to see him start to stim, but it couldn't be helped because he wasn't physically ready for any boisterous input. I'll try to give him more to work on tomorrow. I might opt to take him and Ronin with me to my mom's church in the evening for the Santo Nino mass, and he'd have to walk on his own accord. I hope! I don't really want to be carrying his 39-pound body everywhere, but I could also see that happening.

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