Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back to school

Says it all:
OT - Nikko did well remembering most of his sensory diet activities and arrival routine! Still reluctant to do activities (body in space) with feet off the ground. Seemed very happy to be back.

Also, wanted to paste a message I wrote to Nikko's teachers:
Hi everyone, sorry I didn't email an update yesterday regarding how Nikko did over break. He basically did well, but started getting really stimmy toward the end of the last week. I hadn't seen him eyeball things sideways in a while, or the spinning and body tics, but they emerged when he got bored at home. He seemed perfectly happy when going to and from school today. We've still been working on making speech sounds, but some pronunciations seem to come out high-pitched as he tries to find the words. Nikko has also been watching The Wiggles and imitates some of the dancing moves he sees, especially the ones where arms are spread out wide. Finally, the best news is that Nikko was receptive to putting on snow pants, hat, boots and mittens to go play in the snow, especially after seeing his brother Ronin don his snowsuit and start bouncing around in the snow. I feel better about packing his snow clothes at the end of the week for Friday play. :)

We are having a meeting next week with Linda Hoeck and people from MGB Services to formally begin ABA therapy for Nikko. Just wanted to keep you all in the loop.

One last thing, I plan to sign up Ronin for preschool in the office on Wednesday morning, but saw on the website that Tuesday I was supposed to notify the office about Nikko continuing for next year. I DIDN'T call the school because I didn't see the date on the website until today. I figure I'll be at the school on Wednesday, but have I ruined Nikko's chances of being at Westbrook next year already? I really hope not.

I hope you all had a nice winter break. Thanks for your time!

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