Monday, January 25, 2010

1st real ABA session

Today was Nikko's first real day of ABA. Melissa showed up and we all headed downstairs. We got the ABA bin of materials out and I let her get materials figured out while the kids played with the Cars tent and wandered around. I put out the baby gate and when Melissa was ready to handle Nikko, I put Audrey and Ronin on the other side of the gate and stepped over to bring them upstairs. Nikko was extremely upset. I tried to give him a reassuring and positive Go Play voice, but had Melissa redirect him and ushered the others up the stairs. Ronin wanted to go downstairs to play and didn't want to nap right away, but I managed to talk him into reading some stories. Audrey and I sat in the living room and I heard Nikko continue to cry, yell and scream downstairs. I think he fought the good fight for about 30 minutes and I could hear Melissa talking to him and praising him for doing some things. It got really quiet after awhile, and they surfaced 1.5 hours later. Nikko came up the stairs really happy and excited. Melissa said that even while he was crying and protesting, she was asking him to do stuff and he would point out things even in the midst of his crying. Nikko fell asleep for a nap around 5:15p and I woke him up an hour later so he wouldn't have a hard time falling asleep tonight. I think he's tired enough, but it's only 9:52p, still time for jailbreaks. He has school tomorrow, FINALLY, so I'll be waking him up by 7:10a. I wonder how tomorrow will go. He met Jenna, the other therapist, only once. And our session is at 4:30p, much later in the day. Crossing my fingers that it will go well.

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