Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thank you, Wiggles

I've really got to hand it to The Wiggles for getting Nikko to do some serious imitating. I've written about how he can "Do the Monkey, Do the Elephant, Do the Tiger", but this evening I started doing the "Can You Point Your Fingers and Shake Your Hands" dance, and Nikko was following along very closely, watching my face and movements. He knew when to put his arms up, then folded himself down really fast, and then he was poised ready to spin around fast! When I stopped, he continued to do some of the movements on his own, so I had to repeat the song a few times.

Lastly, this wasn't the best behavior day for Nikko. I was gone in the morning, seeing a doctor, but later on he wasn't behaving nicely with Ronin. I took away a fire truck, and Denis took away the racetrack, because both boys fought over them terribly. I saw Nikko forcibly push Ronin down for getting on Nikko's bad side. Finally, I caught Nikko putting toy plates and plastic utensils into the VCR. HELLO! That thing could melt the plastic and we'd all be toast!!

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