Sunday, January 3, 2010

Visual and vocal imitating

There's a Wiggles song called The Monkey Dance and it features three animals that move their arms and make animal sounds. You gotta "Do the monkey (ooo oooo oooo, aaa aa aaaa), Do the elephant (whrrreeeeh), Do the tiger (rowl rowl)." At first, Nikko would do the tiger to mimic me, and I'd end it in some tiger claw tickling. But today I tried to see if he'd imitate the other animals. He was able to do the monkey and move his arms up and down; he was able to mimic the sounds and trunk sway of an elephant, and the tiger was easy. I was very impressed that he was able to copy the movements of this song!

Something else he's able to do is in regards to the Chicken Little story in Ronin's hardcover book. Nikko would sit alongside of me to read, and Ronin was in my lap. When I was reading the part of the story where Chicken Little was ringing the town bell for nothing, he was saying, "Ding dong" during the appropriate part in the story. It surprised Denis this evening while reading nighttime stories.

The kids received hooded towels for Christmas from a relative; two sharks and a duck. The duck was meant for Audrey, but Nikko took a liking to the duck and put it on. He enjoyed the hood. And when I was quacking for him, to show him the sound a duck makes, he started quacking along as well. Very cool stuff!

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