Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jargon and crabbiness

When I got Nikko off the bus today he was babbling happily. A girl said "Good bye, Nikko," and he turned to wave and say Bye. Mrs. Beyer the bus driver said, "Good bye, Nikko," and he faced her, waved and said a pronounced BYE. It made her day, and mine, too. On his progress report it said:
Lots of jargon all day today! We worked on 1 step directions, using words (get ball, bye, bus and body parts).

I wonder what sparked his jargoning. Like I said, I noticed it on the bus, too. I wonder if the vitamins I gave him before bed helped. I'll keep on doing it, giving the multivitamin and the calcium supplement and see what happens.

It was one of our last slow days before Nikko's tentative ABA schedule would start. It might even start next week, I don't know. But today after lunch, Ronin went down for a nap (not willingly) and Nikko had time to watch the Other Cars. I took Audrey and Nikko into the kitchen with me to do some coloring in coloring books. Audrey loved it, but Nikko showed no interest and repeatedly swatted the crayons away. He was getting tired throughout the day and it manifested itself into crabbiness and taking toys right out of Ronin's hands. If Nikko napped earlier in the day I'd be fine, but as dinnertime rolled around I wouldn't let him sleep. He needed to be tired enough to not want to try to escape from his room at bedtime. Unfortunately, he practically bounded from the bed the very second I closed the door at bedtime. I didn't even move when I heard his feet hit the floor. I forgot how many times I put him back, and got upset when Ronin got up to try to come out as well. I rigged the door with multiple bungee cords attached to a black folding chair, but found it challenging because I didn't want the chair to fly back at the kids if they succeeded in prying the door open. I succeeded in rigging the door, but I think Nikko gave up because there was no movement after that final, exasperating effort. Last night he came barreling into our bed at 3:30a. I wonder what time he'll come into our room tonight.

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