Saturday, January 30, 2010

Best behaved @ the ped

Nikko's speech report:
Getting a good approximation on "open" to get doors open! Said "hi" to mommy picture & said Daddy many times! Close approximation for Audrey! Good "hi" & "bye".

Kathy also emailed me (responding to a library book mix-up) that it's probably easier for Nikko to say Daddy than it is to say Mommy. Boooooo. Nikko came home with an extra backpack that had a stuffed polar bear and two polar bear books plus a journal. We are supposed to play/interact with whatever is in the backpack and write about it for Tuesday. All the kids took kindly to Polar Bear, and I read the books to the kids during lunch. I don't plan to take it on all our weekend adventures, however, because it's [sort of] white and I don't want to get it dirty. Nikko almost started playing with it during lunch, and he was still eating pizza, which would make the polar bear streaked with red.

After lunch, Audrey had a 3pm appointment at the pediatrician for her 15 month well visit. I had to take everyone with me, of course. Our regular pediatrician wasn't in today so we had another one on staff. She's somewhat new to the practice and seems very conservative. I also don't think she's that warm and fuzzy because once she ordered that Ronin should go to the ER during a spell of breathing troubles and I didn't follow her advice, opted to stay at home and monitor him instead. I think she called the ER to follow up and found out that I kept him home instead. I just didn't think Ronin needed another round of albuterol pumped into his veins. Anyway, I brought the DVD player, a backpack of toys and some crackers for the haul. Nikko was the most behaved of all the kids, watching the Other Cars on the DVD player. Ronin was pesky because he found the container of crackers and dangled it in front of Audrey and me every few minutes, asking for some. Audrey wanted to eat as well, and she got very annoyed when she finished a cracker and wasn't given another one right away. She squirmed and fussed, whining like a little animal. Ronin was all over the place and really making me look frazzled while I dealt with the squirmy Audrey. It took us a long time to pack up our gear and get out of there. Nikko didn't cry at the doorway like he did last week when we visited the ped because he was sick. And thankfully he followed me outside, albeit slowly, as we trekked back to the car. When I set Nikko down and tell him to stand right in one spot while I put the other kid in the car, he really doesn't move. I have to keep an eye on him, of course, but he doesn't dart away like he used to. I shouldn't have 100% confidence that he won't bolt, but thus far I've been lucky that he stays put until it's his turn to get into the car. It reminds me of that Chicago Botanic Gardens visit last year, Mother's Day, where he got away from everyone and ran REALLY far away from us. That was an awful post. :(

We were supposed to go to the in-laws for dinner tonight but Denis wasn't feeling up to par and has been hacking all over the place. I didn't mind staying home, but kind of wanted to get out and see other people at the same time. We'll be seeing our group of friends tomorrow at our post-holiday get-together. It will be crazy over there because there will be so many kids around, and mine will be exploring and we'll have to keep an eye on Audrey because she'll be looking for stairs, so maybe it won't be as relaxing as I hope. Nikko almost fell asleep on the way home from the peds, but I woke him up and he didn't fall back asleep until bedtime. I hope he stays in bed until at least 7a in the morning. Now that I've said it, it won't happen. Booooo.

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