Thursday, January 21, 2010

On the mend

Last night I heard Nikko cry out at 2:30a. I was about to go over there but then his cries abruptly stopped. I also stopped, went back to bed and was relieved that I got to sleep in my bed for the first time in four days. I woke up at 6a and went to their room, to check on Nikko and wait out the morning. He was REALLY hot and mumbling and twitching. The morning progressed and it was apparent that he wouldn't go to school again. Later, he ended up on our bed while Denis was getting dressed for work and fell fitfully asleep. I decided that 3 days of fever should warrant a trip to the doctor so I got a 10:30 appointment and packed up everyone into the Pilot. Dr. Santiago saw his red, swollen tonsils and ordered a strep culture and ear wash because his right ear wax was totally blocking the drum. I had to hold him down for the strep swab, which came back negative but will get final results by tomorrow. Two nurses came in to help hold Nikko still to flush his ears with water for the ear flush. That was a difficult but necessary procedure, and Nikko was exhausted from wriggling and kicking and screaming his lungs out. He fell asleep on the way home and has been out for almost two hours. I've got some french fries waiting for him when he wakes, but don't know if he'll be able to swallow them. Chocolate milk, however, is still ok for him to drink, says Dr. Santiago.

11:34p Nikko regained his appetite after dinner, when Denis brought home some takeout from Olympus Gyros. I had a skirt steak sandwich with fries, and Nikko kept creeping up toward me for a fry. No problem, I handed him one and he ran off to eat it. Nikko wasn't as perky as he was yesterday afternoon, barely playing with any toys and opting to sit on the couch watching TV looking forlorn. Ronin wanted to play downstairs so I took them for a short time, and Nikko preferred to sit in my lap while Ronin ran wind sprints across the basement carrying three little stuffed animals and crash-diving onto the mat next to me. So much energy and still he didn't fall asleep right away. He was babbling to himself for at least ten minutes befoe he fell asleep. I love it on the nights that Nikko is so tired that he falls asleep before I leave the room. That way, I don't have to close the door and wonder if he's going to pop out of bed and try a jailbreak. It may happen sooner than later tonight, but at least I was able to do the dishes and fold laundry this evening. And munch on a Ghiardelli brownie, the last batch I have at home, and I will NOT buy another box from Costco because they are too rich and fattening. Gotta finish this batch first, of course. Nikko's forehead was not warm as it has been the past three nights, but I can't send him to school tomorrow because he has to be fever-free for 24 hours, school rules. His temp didn't start going down until past 10a this morning. I wish I could send him to school tomorrow, but he shouldn't go.


  1. I hope it's improved a little for you guys...

    I'm a mess when Billy's sick. I can't imagine then facing the fact that it's got two more kids to go through (potentially) as well. Never mind Mummy and Daddy!

    You eat as many of those brownies as you need!


  2. I sure hope he feels better really soon!

  3. Thanks so much for the support, ladies! I really appreciate it at a time when I feel like I'm going through a wringer! :)