Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mixed bag

It's been a mixed bag of emotions for Nikko today. He started the morning wailing as if he had a bad dream, and was pissed when I had to take Ronin to the bathroom first thing while he trailed behind us. Then he had a wild tantrum when Denis took him to his bedroom to change his diaper and calm him down. I got back to them and was able to calm him down after changing him, and Nikko looked like himself but teary-eyed. I really wonder what had happened to him to set him off. He didn't have any other meltdowns during the day EXCEPT when the timer for preheating the oven went off. He was watching Hi-5 and when it buzzed I was in the kitchen and bolted to the living room. Too late - Nikko had his head buried in the couch and started crying and sobbing into his burp cloth. I tried to comfort him, and wondered what frequency the timer was on. Later in the day we made a trip to the basement just for fun, for about a half hour. Nikko still didn't nap all day, so was extremely tired at bedtime. Tomorrow we are going to the in-law's house for New Year's Day lunch.

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