Sunday, April 18, 2010

A bit off this past week

The morning was good and uneventful. It was also short for me because I had an 11:15a eye appointment and had to leave around 11. Ronin was whining when he heard I was going to the doctor, but it was when Nikko saw me putting on my shoes that he started to cry. Denis sat in the kitchen holding the boys back, and then blocked Audrey who came in to see the commotion as I bade them all farewell and closed the door behind me, cutting off their wails but not completely. Really, what other choice did I have? Gotta get these eyes checked out because the redness is not going away on its own! It turned out that due to prolonged wearing of my contacts I have keratitis and irritation in my eyes, plus some corneal scarring going on along the edges. If it were happening in the middle of my cornea then I'd lose some vision, but the edges seem to be safer. "You should have come in sooner," the optometrist told me, but I didn't start on how the three rugrats are chained to my leg. She prescribed Tobramycin and Dexamethasone ophthalmic suspension drops and made an appointment to see her on Wednesday. At the advice of Atz, I asked my mom if she could come over that morning to watch Ronin & Audrey since Nikko would be at school. I drove up to Target for the script and did some errand shopping as well. I picked up a bunch of $1 toys from the $1 bins, meant for Nikko's therapy as well as for car toys. I'm trying to figure if I should give each kid a bag with a few toys in it or have one box and dish out a toy or two before a trip. There isn't enough room for each car seat to have an attachable tray, and the kids don't have the motor skills to open a bag and balance more than one object (if at that!) on their laps. I found a musical recorder, like the one Nikko was playing with at Jovy's house, along with rubber dolphins, lizards, googly eyes and stars for craft projects, ribbon wands and toy sunglasses. Didn't get anything obnoxious that had bells or whistles on it except for the recorder. I wonder if that's too good an object for the therapy box?

When I came home, the boys had finished lunch and Audrey was just starting. It was pretty calm in the house, but of course when I first left it was chaotic according to Denis. The kids eventually calmed down, however, so it was a testament to me that they are going to survive if I am not there. LOL!

Nikko spent a majority of the day sitting/crouching on the floor pillow up against the crook of the sofa near the chaise lounge. He was eye level with his yellow GeoTrax train, putting the bendable engineer figurine in the front seat compartment and running the train back and forth. He didn't run it all the way around the track. It was most likely a modified stim behavior, but I didn't stop him. He seemed almost sad at times, and when I felt his forehead it seemed slightly warm but not warm enough for a high temperature. Nikko really hasn't been acting himself since last week with the onslaught of the goopy eyes. Today he had but a smidgen of stringy goop but not nearly the amount he had a few days ago. He has small flashes of chattiness or running around or prancing in front of the living room mirror, but the majority of his demeanor is lethargic. On the toilet before his bath, Nikko actually did a #2, but it was on the liquidy side. UH-OH. Could mean he's fending off a bug inside him. Or something worse is coming. I wonder, hope and pray he doesn't have more loose stools tomorrow, especially while I am gone in the afternoon to visit a friend who does Thai massage. It may be a losing battle.

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