Sunday, April 4, 2010

Singing, and Easter @ the Alog's

6:30a I heard Nikko and went to his room. He's been waking up with a leaky diaper for a few days, which means changing his sheets often, so today I immediately changed his diaper when I entered the room, so as not to give him any time to have an accident in the early morning. It is probably due to the extra amount of peaches he's been eating the night before, all that liquid. I expect him to leak tomorrow morning since all he had for dinner was peaches.

My morning seemed to tank quickly. I didn't feel 100% and felt I had completely low energy. I got the chills around 9:30 and felt a need to lie down in the living room. I got a nap for about half an hour while Denis took the kids downstairs, but Nikko didn't want to go and stayed upstairs with me, playing with his racing car track and sometimes kicking me in the head while I lay on the floor napping. I felt as if I hadn't had a Coke in days, which was so far from the truth. A sugar crash? Maybe. Probably.

The kids were watching the Umizoomi episode called Milk Out, where there's no more milk in Umizoomi City. Ronin sings the "We Like Milk" song a lot, and I heard Nikko singing the same song not long after Ronin stopped singing. Nikko's words were not whole words, but he used the same sounds and intonations so that it was recognizable to me. He was singing another song today that unfortunately I couldn't distinguish, but I think it was from Yo Gabba Gabba.

We went to my Mom's house for Easter lunch. The whole clan was there, and after lunch we walked to the park at East Prairie school, my alma mater. There was a new climbing apparatus that was gargantuan, with slides and climbing features galore. The kids went crazy all over it, guaranteeing a good night's sleep (I HOPE!). It was also extremely windy, but that didn't deter anyone's good mood. Nikko tried climbing monkey bars while holding onto a toy space shuttle. I had to confiscate it a few times so that he could get to the top. We went home around 5:30p, late for us, and heralding a late dinner time as well. Nikko just ate peaches for dinner. When he wanted seconds, he said, "Peaches. Please." I said, "More? More peaches? More?" and was prompting with a sign. He didn't give in at first, but within 20 seconds he said, "More. Peaches. Please." He signed each word, and each word ended with an upspeak tone. It was so cute that I couldn't refuse him, of course. The next time he wanted More, I had to prompt again, and he was signing peaches on MY cheek, but within a minute he made a noise that sounded like More. I took it. I'm not saying it's getting easier to ask for More, I'm just saying that it's happening here and there.

So here I am, writing and not feeling like running on the treadmill tonight at all. I think I am coming down with something. I feel achiness in my arms, the kind that precedes getting sick. My throat is a little sore still. I need to clean up the kitchen, then hope to take a shower, fold kids' clothes in front of Celebrity Apprentice and go to sleep. I might get as far as the shower, and that's ok. Tomorrow Nikko has ABA with Melissa at 2p, no school. I need to call the school to make sure he has class on Tuesday. The calendar says no school, but the backpack notice doesn't say anything like that.

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  1. Three. Word. Request.

    YAY!!!!! Go Nikko.

    Hope the bug doesn't hit you too hard, Melissa...