Thursday, April 1, 2010

More Peaches - - too ideal??

6:25a waking. Better, but could still be better.
Speech report: 1-step directions, starting to name red, blue & yellow! Greetings, vocab, requests.

Ronin complained that he had a waterfall in his ear. When he did this again after lunch, I swabbed his ear in case there really was water, but then saw blood on the cotton. Not sure what to do, I booked us to see the pediatrician. This cut into our playdate at Jovy's house, which we were thankfully still able to do when we left the doctor's office. The blood wasn't from the ear drum, but likely a piece of ear wax that got swept up by the qtip and peeled the skin. Ouch. The ironic thing was that his OTHER ear drum was dull and crusted with pus according to Dr. Grady, so she prescribed amoxicillin for 10 days. If we didn't go at all, we wouldn't have known about his ear infection. Nikko and Audrey were great in the doc office. I put in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and that seemed to placate them, along with the fact that they weren't the ones getting poked and prodded.

UGH. 7:17pm I spent between 6:30 and 7p trying to get Nikko to say More Peaches, or More Peaches Please. It's the More that he refused to say. He tantrummed, screamed, kicked on the floor, and flat out refused to put More in front of Peaches. My heart felt bad for him because he kept saying Peaches Please, very nicely, but if he wants More Peaches, it has to be More Peaches. By 7p I told him I would just accept the sign for More if he would do it. Another 7 minutes went by before he signed it on his own. THEN he got his reward. After that plate he wanted More, of course he won't say it again, so I had to do hand over hand. I am exhausted and hungry because I didn't get to eat. Now I have to give Audrey a bath. I'm pissed, but what can I do? I hit that point of no return and couldn't give in to him unless he gave me back something, even if I had to reduce my expectations to just the sign. *SIGH* Epic fail. :(

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