Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Box lids with a purpose

School report: OT - Great session. Tolerated being on swing with both linear & rotational movements. Did well with drawing vertical & horizontal lines as well as coloring.
Another note: We went to playground for class picture & he was fine; we didn't play!

Today was a group class picture held on the playground. I wondered how he would behave in the picture, if someone would have to stand next to him to hold him in place, but I won't know until I get the picture. Nikko is usually pretty happy to be back in school from the weekend, and I'm happy that he is getting OT and ST as well as exposure to his peers. Our afternoon was low-key until he had ABA this afternoon at 5p. Jenna was supposed to come at 4:30p but she comes from Gurnee so that cuts int our time. Hopefully she'll make good on her promise to stay longer once school is out for her, because she's really cut some of his sessions short. Jenna said that Nikko did really well today. She also said that they used some box lids (from my Fannie May Trinidads) in the matching activity. During the Team meeting, Maria/Jenna said that Nikko would do the matching pictures activity but seemed lost. The school team said that when he finishes matching a picture they tell him to put the matched pieces into a container to signify that he finished the activity. So Maria said that in ABA they could use a tray (box lid) and have Nikko put the matching picture on top of the corresponding one, then put the matched set into the box lid. Jenna said that he did that today, and did much better on the activity because the box lids gave him a purpose. I think once he matched a picture to another, he would sit and think, Now What? The box lid helped, and purpose is the only thing I can conclude. Good job. After dinner, Denis wanted to try a little (and I mean LITTLE) box kite outside so we put jackets on the kids (snow boots on Audrey because they were near the door) and let them run up and down the driveway with the kite. Audrey kept trying to walk down the driveway into the street but I blocked her and she was annoyed. Nikko was content to run with an Alice In Wonderland DVD cover and his Costco card. Bath time was late by 15 minutes, and Nikko fell asleep quickly. AH.

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