Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Snack?

The morning was a little easier to get Nikko ready for school. Just a tiny bit. He still resisted a morning diaper change, but I stayed in a good mood trying to coax him along. I didn't want to fight like the day before. It was a low-key day and I really don't know where the morning went. I spent some time trying to research park districts to help Denis out with his high school reunion slated for July 11. I made some progress but that meant leaving messages. Maria came for ABA at 1p. She said this was technically her last session with him as a senior line person because our contract states she's on board for three months. She's supposed to taper off and just come out once a month to take notes on Nikko. Every two months is his team evaluation, but over the summer we're only meeting once with Linda Hoeck. Maria stated she does this to keep our costs down, that Jenna or Melissa will probably step up and take another time slot, but she'll still be available to me and, of course, see us once a month. I told her my only concern is that Nikko continues to progress forward and that it's monitored. Maria has complete faith in Jenna, says she does this all the time. I hope so. I really do. I like Melissa and Jenna, but I really hope they'll be able to push Nikko toward improvement and see any red flags, instead of just come to play with him. That's what the binder is for, right? To chart everything? After therapy, Nikko requested Snack so he got fruit snacks. He was pushing for More Snack, and I did comply but told him no more. He pushed again and I refused him. He got mad and was squawking until I made us leave the kitchen. I've noticed this is a pattern for Nikko. He will request, get the FS, I'll help him throw away the wrapper, then he'll say More Snack. I've got to stay firm and say no or he'll do it again and again. Sneaky.

Two more observations: I want to bring up to the School Team that Nikko's been really, really whiny when doing something he doesn't want to or when requesting something. Does he do this at school, whine? Second, today I noticed that Nikko is purposely hitting Ronin unprovoked. At lunch time Nikko was getting into Ronin's space, angering Ronin, and then Nikko would swipe at Ronin's arm. I got fed up with it so I brought the square wooden table into the kitchen and put it in the Time Out area near the stove. I put a chair in front of it, and then hauled Nikko and his lunch to that table. I hated to separate them, and really want them to be able to sit next to each other during meal times, but for today I felt it was necessary to keep them apart. Nikko didn't seem to mind eating at that table, and he finished lots of chicken nuggets today. They all sat together during dinner, but no one was in a hitting mood. Later in the evening Nikko was sitting on the couch and hit Ronin in the back, unprovoked. Nikko even took a swipe at Audrey, and I sternly grabbed Nikko's wrist and told him NO, we DON'T HIT ANYONE. I hope he saw how very serious I was. I hope he's not hitting anyone at school, but I think his teachers will tell me.

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