Sunday, April 18, 2010

The runs

Nikko seems to be going through the runs as of yesterday. I wonder if it's part of the goopy eye virus that's been affecting his mood. I have to watch him like a hawk and read his signs to see if he's uncomfortable. If I miss it, then the results could be a mess.

I had to leave at 12:30p to see my friend Phet for a Thai massage. Audrey was sleeping this time, but the boys were both crying and wailing as usual when I walked out the door. I drove out to Elgin within 25 minutes and made it right at 1p. Phet worked on my legs, calves, glutes and hips for an hour. I thought we were finished but she wanted to work on my shoulders, and then that turned into a stomach massage, and then ended with the shoulders, where ALL my stress must be sitting because they felt like bricks. She used a combo of hands and these hot stones with handles which she kept hot in a steamer nearby. The heat loosened up the muscles and felt sooooo nice. I'm scared to admit publicly that for the first time in 1.5 years my back feels SOOOOO much better. The healing effects have lasted since 3p, vs. me visiting the chiropractor and lasting for an hour, or the cortisone shot where the relief was nonexistent. I'm going to give this a day or two, to get over the soreness, and then see... I'd love to go back to Phet, for sure. It might have to happen!

When I got home the kids were eating a late snack but seemed happy to see me. Nikko approached me as did the other kids, but he wasn't vocal at all. He just looked at me and leaned in when I bent down to kiss him. His demeanor was the same as yesterday, not terribly chatty, mostly content to sit close to his GeoTrax train, and watched TV. He sat by me a few times, content to watch TV by my side, and interacted with me when I gave him tickles. He was most unpleasant when I had to change his diaper because he has a diaper rash. Every time I try to apply Desitin to him, he whines and squirms because it hurts and possibly thinks I'll trick him with a suppository. By bath time, his runs have a little more substance to them but are still liquidy. We'll see how tomorrow fares. He has ABA with Melissa and if the weather is cooperative then I'll take the kids out, to Costco and maybe somewhere else.

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