Monday, April 5, 2010

Good ABA session today

6:45a I heard Nikko talking to himself loudly and figured it was time for everyone to get up.

Nikko had an uneventful morning leading up to ABA. After the session, Melissa told me that Nikko did great! She said that he mimicked her well. She stood up and told Nikko to bounce in place and he did what she told him to. Melissa said he did well with naming colors, except for black. I've been meaning to work on colors with Nikko but haven't started that yet. Another area that Nikko did well in today was with matching pictures to objects. She said that she showed Nikko a picture of a car and a spoon. He named them for her, and then when she said, "Where does the spoon go, Nikko?" he then put the picture of the spoon on top of the real spoon. That's great! It's a concept that I've been hoping he'd acquire since EI days. After therapy, I gave the kids some snack and then it was around time for Audrey to take a nap. During her nap, Denis, the boys and I went outside to sweep up a flurry of buds that had fallen from our tree and kept littering our kitchen. The weather was 70 and it was overcast but I felt that an hour outside would be good especially for Ronin. They helped pick up branches and put them in the garbage can. Nikko was very adept at taking a branch I gave him and rushing to throw it away. His advantage over Ronin was his height so he could reach the top whereas Ronin needed help. I did some chasing in the front yard and earned some cardio points. Those guys can keep going!! I took a jump rope and had Ronin hanging on to one end while I ran with the other. Soon he wanted to be the one to lead. Nikko joined in and I gave him my end of the rope while I grasped the middle, so it looked like I was being pulled by two crazed little boys. It's too bad the sod underneath the back and front lawns is so lumpy. It's enough to sprain someone's ankle. :( Before 6pm I got the boys inside to wash hands and get ready for dinner. They were both pretty sweaty so I was looking forward to their bathtime. None of the kids ate a good dinner, probably because they had a big snack. Nikko had peaches, of course, and they all had some Apple Straws. I think I have to push snack time further back to 3p or 2:45 even, because ending it by 4:15-4:30 is proving to be too close to a 6pm dinner. The kids made it to bed. Ronin was complaining about water in his ear again, so I'm going to have to try the alcohol in the ear or something. He's pretty waxy. I thought about using a kit, but he's still on the amoxicillin until Friday so I don't want to mess with the ear drum. Nikko has school tomorrow. Thank goodness !

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  1. I LOL when I read that he missed the color black. I figured that the color black would be 100% success since you wear it everyday. :)

    YEAH for Nikko!