Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Great session

No school today so Nikko was flitting about at his own pace. I was trying to pick up around the living room and kitchen because we have a playdate with Rhonda and her three kiddos tomorrow after 2pm. I still have time tomorrow, and it doesn't look like I made a dent at all. Booooo.

Melissa showed up at 2pm for therapy and Nikko seemed fine to go downstairs. Their session didn't even have many loud moments. I barely heard Nikko whine for anything. And when they came upstairs, Melissa told me that Nikko did GREAT. He imitated whatever she requested him to mimic, he seemed eager to work, and he gave her lots of good eye contact. She said that normally he doesn't look at her, but today whenever she asked him to do something he looked right at her. Makes me wonder slightly if he was trying to focus on her through any sheen of goop in his eye...? But maybe not. In fact, this morning he didn't have any goop in his eye, and it didn't resurface noticeably until the mid/late afternoon. But his nose was runny and getting red underneath, which will betray his discomfort during school tomorrow, I'm sure. He didn't take a nap all day, even though I was positive that he looked like he would cave in around 4pm. He looked tired, might have yawned once, and I even put n a train DVD so the repetition would bore him, but he fought it the whole way. I gave him some cold medicine to help his erratic coughing from keeping him from sleeping, but he was out cold during the prayers anyway. He's not sick, but I hope any invisble ailment won't keep him from going to school. I had every intention of bringing the kids to the pediatrician this morning if their eyes were coated in goop when they woke up, but both he and Audrey showed minial goop discomfort and I really didn't have a strong case to bring them in. It appeared later in the evening, of course. I hope it's something that will disappear within a few days, without steroids.

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  1. What an excellent boy, pulling out a great session when he's fighting an infection.

    He's doing so well.