Thursday, April 22, 2010

Costco & Crocs

Nikko was awake at 6:30a. I collected him as well as Ronin and Audrey and decided to change diapers right away for fear of leakage and/or rashes. Nikko was irritable, stiffening his legs and not being a willing partner. His whining grated on my nerves and I was feeling grim because I wanted him to go to school today but wasn't sure if he was still in pain from the diaper rash. I changed the other two kids and was met with uncooperative, whiny aliens. Nikko's whining perplexed me the most because he couldn't articulate at all what he wanted, or didn't want, kept grabbing at a toy jeep from Ronin and then ditching the vehicle when he had it for a few seconds. I pleaded for Ronin to give Nikko the jeep and then he could have it after Nikko left for school. "I DON'T WANT TO GIVE HIM THE JEEP!" was Ronin's staunch reply. So this vicious cycle of Nikko + whining + Ronin + whining really put me in a foul mood.

Still, I put Nikko on the bus. I put a note in his backpack warning them about the diaper rash, that if Nikko's diaper seemed dry then don't bother to put him on the toilet since I didn't think he'd sit still for it, and they probably wouldn't wipe him and put any Desitin on him. I said that was their call. When I got on the bus to take Nikko, he looked like he had cried. But Monica said that he was fine on the bus. I wonder if his eyes got sensitive to the sunlight or something. I think Nikko's been "off" for almost two weeks now, since the goopy eyes, and I can't pinpoint what exactly it is.

Mom came around 9:40a to stay with Ronin and Audrey while I went to my follow-up eye appointment. The doctor said that my irritation has gone down, but my corneas haven't healed yet. They looked like they were being very slow to heal. She told me to use eye drops every hour, to continue the steroids, and to take Omega-3's or flaxseed oil to promote moisture inside the eye. I went to Target to get the supplement and other things on my list, then raced back home to get Nikko from the bus. I know I’m supposed to use the time while he’s at school to get errands accomplished, and it was supposedly better that Mom even watched the kids for me, but I get so stressed out about the timeframe, which to me is extremely short, that I worry I am going to miss the bus. A valid fear, but one that keeps me from running those morning errands.

Speech report: Good day. Great naming & sorting. Named 4 colors. 1-step directions were good. Greetings great with high 5’s but needed lots of prompts to say hi. Making progress with face!

That’s a good report. I’m so glad he was able to have a productive day despite missing school yesterday and having residual rash on his bum. After lunch, I decided to take the kids to Costco for diapers and nuggets. I was playing with Ronin’s naptime, but if we stayed around longer in the afternoon, we’d never get out at a reasonable time. Costco was a good, quick trip, but the minute we walked in and I showed my membership card at the door, Nikko’s eyes were fixated on the card and he wouldn’t stop until I gave it to him. When we were leaving, I stopped by the customer service desk and took a chance by asking them if they had any leftover, extra or cancelled membership cards they could spare, for Nikko. I was ready for them to say no, security reasons and all that. BUT the ladies behind the counter quickly got me a card, and then invited Nikko to have his picture on the card. I took the crew to the side of the register, held Nikko near the backdrop, and within seconds his picture was digitally burned onto the back of his very own Costco card (with Denis’ name on it, defunct account number). I was so grateful to those two ladies who helped me out without wondering why Nikko was whining so loud when I took my card away from him, or thinking he was a brat for wanting my card. I’m grateful that they did not judge me and decided to help me instead. HOORAY FOR COSTCO!

The boys fell asleep in the car so I decided to brave a quick outing to Woodfield Mall with the intent of buying Crocs at the Croc Store for Audrey and Nikko. They were all very good in the store. Nikko and Audrey sat in the double, and I put Ronin on foot. It was on our way out of the mall that Nikko started fidgeting in his seat and tried to get out. I put him on the floor, put Ronin in the stroller and walked even brisker. Nikko was whining even louder and I really didn’t know why. I didn’t know if he saw something and wanted to run back to look at it, or if he wanted to go to a store. But I knew that he didn’t want to leave because his tantrum in the foyer and then outside was loud, screechy and animated. I dragged Nikko by his sleeve alongside me, and then took his Costco card out of his hand to make him walk faster as he chased after it. I still don’t know what set Nikko off, but I was glad to pack him back into his seat and turn up the Hi-5. We got home and Denis was there. Unbeknownst to the kids, I was heading out at 6pm to meet up with to girlfriends for dinner. Right before I left, I called the boys over to say good bye and there were screams, wails and tears galore. I still left, and tried to have as good a time as I could. The kids were all in bed and sleeping deeply by the time I returned. Nice to know I was missed.

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