Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No school, to heal

I didn't ship Nikko off to school today because he was still wincing a lot when I changed his diaper. The rash is still there, maybe not as angry, but still there. I really, REALLY hope it will do some healing tonight because I'd like to ship Nikko off to school tomorrow. He needs to be in school, not here bumming on the couch. He wasn't as active as usual today, probably because it still hurts him. He was still resisting me when I changed his diaper, but once I got the Butt Paste on him he relaxed slightly. He had woken up at 4:30a during the night, was crying out and Denis got out of bed to use the bathroom and go check on him. I got up, too, and decided to stay with Nikko in case he was crying due to his diaper rash. Now, I really hope he doesn't wake up at 4:30 again tonight! He fell back asleep until Ronin woke us up at 6:45a. Nikko fell asleep around 1:30p on top of an ottoman, but I had to wake him up because he had just had a huge bowel movement that demanded changing. He never fell back asleep and seemed so very tired today. Maybe the pain is wearing him out? We still had ABA today at 4:30p. Jenna's notes said that he had a great session, that's all. He was focused and did all the tasks he was supposed to, and showed great interest in the reinforcer toys from Linda. When I was giving the boys their baths, Nikko looked super tired and I just felt bad that he wasn't stimulated throughout the day. He mostly languished on the couch. I didn't want to even put him in the car for fear that sitting too long in the car seat would make him irritable. So, here's to tomorrow and hopefully sending him to preschool. He will still have a rash, and I'm a bit concerned that when they take him to the bathroom that he'll resist, but hopefully they'll put another diaper on him and call it a day. They probably won't put any diaper rash cream on him, however, so I hope he doesn't suffer too much. He's just got to survive two hours and then he'll be home. Meanwhile, I've got an eye appointment in the morning so Mom is coming over to sit with Ronin and Audrey.

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