Friday, April 16, 2010

Those darn FS!

No temperature this morning, no bloody noses, no throw-up. Nikko was fine to go to school in my opinion. His speech report: Good pix naming. Also worked on 1 step, teacher & family names. In the meeting yesterday, Maria said that he has mastered the immediate family pictures, can correctly identify me, Denis, Ronin and Audrey. Now I am to supply them with pictures of extended family. I gave her the grandparents on both sides today for starters, because in actuality there are a LOT of people to learn, especially on my side. At school he is learning the teachers' pictures. Nikko came home from school and he immediately asked me for "Snack." He has now associated the word Snack to mean Fruit Snacks. That is not a good thing, especially when at home I announce that it is Snack Time to herd the kids into the kitchen. He hears Snack and thinks he's getting Fruit Snacks. Not always the case. I had to refuse Nikko, stating that it was time for lunch and the menu was chicken nuggets and yogurt, which I threw in at the end because I know he likes yogurt if anything else. Nikko was mad and tried to push me toward the closet pantry but I wouldn't give in. He sat at the table crying for a good while until I was able to coax him to have some juice. I'm wondering if I should continue to even have the fruit snacks on hand or to stop them altogether. Maria came for therapy at 1p and we talked a bit about the summer situation before starting. Nikko had a good session, but was a bit off. I attribute it to the tummy problems we had yesterday. I wonder if he ate something that was bad, but I can't imagine that he ate anything different.

I took the kids outside to play around 4:30p to take advantage of the last day of 80 degree weather, a total fluke this time of year. Tomorrow it will drop in the 60's again, but man, it's hot in here! There was the usual fighting over the Little Tykes car. I brought out the bubble machine and it was a hit, but Nikko wanted to keep putting his face in the bubble output. He was becoming a sticky mess so I had to start getting tough about it. He was really disappointed when it was time to stop the machine and time to go inside. The usual bedtime routine took place and Nikko was falling fast asleep as I sang him the Good Night song.

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