Saturday, April 10, 2010

IKEA and butt scooting

4:45a - Ronin calls out loudly for me. I paddle over to his room and meet him at the door. He scurries into bed and asks me to fix his blankets. He quickly drifts back to sleep. GRRR....6:50a - Nikko was awake and babbling so I got him up. Ronin woke up minutes later.

Speech Report: Categorization, requesting, naming, colors, 1 step [directions].
On the back of the sheet: Nikko was mad when he left. We took a walk outside & did not stop at playground - too muddy. He did NOT like that plan! :)

Nikko was dozing on the bus when I unbuckled him. He remained groggy and a bit off when we walked to the house, but maybe he was tired after protesting not playing on the playground. We came inside and had lunch, then waited for Chinny to arrive. She was coming over to help me take the kids to IKEA and then to Costco. When she arrived, the kids were pretty comfortable around her and didn't think I was taking off and leaving them behind. We drove to IKEA and waited to return an extra kid chair. I found a shopping cart with a kid car attached to the front which made Ronin extra happy. Nikko preferred to walk, and Audrey stayed in the upper kid seat until near the end of our visit. We hung out in the kid section so I could get the proper aisle numbers for the table and chairs I wanted. To my chagrin, the red Klimmet chairs I wanted were not available so I had to settle for black. Nikko was getting unruly while we hunted for the chairs on the first floor but soon we were back in the car headed to Costco. The boys fell asleep so I was able to leave them with Chinny while I breezed through the store. Also was able to have a Chipotle stop on the way home thanks to Chinny running in and out so quickly. She helped unload groceries and before she left, Nikko was getting whiny and worried that I was leaving. He calmed down once she left, of course. Then it was resetting the food bag and diaper changes so we could leave by 6pm for the in-law's.

The kids had a quick snack at home so I didn't expect them to have big appetites. Nikko certainly didn't. Neither did Audrey. Ronin was set to eat his chicken nuggets and rice, and I let him handle his food until I noticed that his chin and lower cheeks were splotchy red and he was coughing. I looked at his plate and noticed that the rice had a soup drizzled over it. I scanned the dinner table and saw it was the soup from the lentil soup. I asked what was in it and Mom Umali didn't describe any trigger ingredients besides the lentils: garlic, celery, spinach. Then Ronin started hurling his food and the food he ate at snacktime, and I knew it was definitely an allergic reaction to the lentil soup. We cleaned him up and I hunted in my bag for liquid Benadryl. I came up short! I asked my MIL if there was any in the house, a little panicked but hoping it wasn't too severe. Ronin's bottom lip was beginning to swell and all I had was some topical Benadryl ointment that I slathered on his chin and cheeks. Luckily some liquid Benadryl was found, otherwise I would have sent Denis to the store. Ronin's reaction calmed down a bit later in the evening, and while the throw-up action was going on, Maya had run into a table with a big, ceramic flower sculpture on it and it came crashing down on the floor. Lots of mayhem for a Friday night. Nikko was in good spirits, perhaps too good because he and Ronin were making lots of noise during the prayer/worship part after dinner. I had to take Nikko to the steps in the hallway and sit him down. He could see his reflection in a mirror opposite the staircase and began amusing himself by first making faces, then butt-scooting up and down the stairs. As long as he was quiet, I was fine with it. Later on, Audrey and all the other kids copied Nikko by butt-scooting down the stairs. Audrey was a little too excited because she discovered a potted plant at the top of the stairs, took handfuls of the soil and dumped it on the floor. Mess!! I was glad to get hold of the rugrats and go when pajamas and diapers were dispensed. Sheesh!

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