Thursday, April 29, 2010

LMN and swiper-no-swiping!

Speech report: Great sorting & naming in categories. Good job colors - even named pink! Worked on body parts, greetings, vocab too.

So I'm sitting here at 12:58AM scrambling to type off an email to the developmental pediatric behaviorist that Nikko saw at Marianjoy Rehabiitation Hospital so that she can hopefully send us a letter of medical necessity, so that I can in turn submit it to our flex spending account people and possibly get reimbursed for ABA therapy this year up to $4,000. Also have to email MGB Services and tell them to alter the first three invoices and get a copy to me. *sheesh!*

After Nikko went to school, Atz came over for a brief period so I could get my eyes checked again. Dr. Kim said no more steroids, use rewetting drops and continue the vitamins and fish oil capsules for one week, then see her again. The cornea scarred in two places. She's seeing a slight reaction to the Zymar drops I was using. And if things get worse, come see her sooner. But no contacts yet. GRRRRRR!

Ronin and Audrey had doctor visits after lunch. I brought in the DVD player but forgot all the DVDs in the car. Too late! Nikko was very good while the other two got their ears looked at, and Audrey got shots. Nikko played with the toys I brought along, looked out the window, and was flipping the lights until I stopped him. We got home just as Melisa was walking up the driveway. He continued to have a good session, with some whining at the end. I rewarded him with a few Oreos since he hadn't had a snack since lunchtime.

Nikko's been really aggressive toward Ronin lately. He swipes Ronin at random times, but mostly when Ronin has a toy that Nikko wants. Forget breakfast time; I've had to put Nikko at the smaller wood table because he keeps hitting Ronin at breakfast. I'm truly tired of separating them, especially during the day and over stupid toys like that blue two-headed dragon. That darned dragon!!!

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