Sunday, April 25, 2010

Groggy Audrey

I went into the nursery to turn off the night lite and Audrey was still laying in her crib. She seemed awake so I told her to get up so we can go to the living room. She stood up and allowed me to pick her up, but collapsed against my shoulder and seemed to fall back asleep. I was going to change her diaper but noticed that she would not open her eyes when I called her name. She seemed so groggy! I laid her on the couch while I took care of the boys' diapers but when I came back to her, she was still very groggy. Even with the boys hovering around her, Nikko touching her face and me patting her face and limbs, Audrey wasn't waking up 100%. Her behavior seemed very uncharacteristic so I brought her to Denis to get his opinion. I called my sister and she suggested the cold washcloth on the forehead. It mildly irritated her but Audrey still didn't pop out of sleep. We took out her pacifier, she opened her eyes and reached out for it, but gave up and let her eyelids fall. Audrey was truly acting drugged up! But at the suggestion of my in-laws, we took her into the kitchen and coaxed her to drink some milk. That seemed to wake her up a little bit, and then she was wide awake to munch on some breakfast. The phase passed, but for a long time I was seriously worried that Audrey had hit her head and was groggy and unresponsive. Almost called the doctor. This was all a precursor for the bouts of diarrhea that followed her all day, and the huge vomit she had while sitting in Denis' lap. Audrey had some tummy bug, and later in the day Ronin would have foul diapers as well. Ronin also threw up twice around lunch time. No one had temperatures. Nikko didn't have the tummy bug. Instead, he was having poopy diapers with smears in them. Once, while I was turned to change Ronin's diaper, Nikko was behind me and then reached into the back of his diaper for a scratch. He smeared the couch and I had to put him in the tub. Let's just say that I am really sick of seeing vomit and diarrhea. Blech!

Nikko tried at different parts of the day to ask me for Snack or Fruit Snacks. I refused him and then he'd start a tirade. Nikko's whining today really got under my skin so that when I confronted him about what he wanted, What Does Nikko Want??, I don't think I sounded very happy to ask him anything. But at the end of the day, afer he ate his dinner I let him count to ten for me and then rewarded him with a bag of FS. *sigh* Nikko was taking swings at Ronin during dinner, for no reason that I could ascertain, so I had to separate them and put Nikko at the little wood table in the Time Out spot. He didn't argue about sitting there while eating dinner, but I felt bad that he was separated from the kid's table. I don't want to ostracize him, but sometimes he really just can't sit next to Ronin and keep his hands to himself. I have no idea what tomorrow will be like. Will all the kids be poop-free, intestines all healed up? Or will it be another day of the runs for everyone?

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