Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bolting from ABA

Nikko had ABA at 4:45p today. We all went downstairs and when I announced that it was time to work, he bolted up the stairs. I caught him halfway and he laughed as if we were in a chasing game, then led him back downstairs where he agreeably went with Jenna. I put up the baby gate and resurfaced. This has been two solid weeks where he has bolted at the beginning of each session. He no longer sits eagerly, or gives me a See You Later kiss and then goes to the table to work. I don't know what changed, and I don't know what the therapists will try to do to help fix it. Perhaps I should put the baby gate right behind me as we all go downstairs. In any event, he did have a good session and Jenna hung around to chat with me a little bit about some speech things, school and reading books (as in Me reading a book, not Nikko!). I suppose I should be enjoying these longer days before Nikko starts summer school next week. His Extended School Year class is from 9a to 12p. I'm going to have to walk him to school, probably with the other two kids in tow. And I just realized I'll have to pick him up as well... Man, I've got a lot of getting these kids in and out of the house to do! Then he's gotta eat lunch right away because he'll have ABA at 1p throughout the week except for Thursdays. 2:30p on Fridays. There won't be a whole lot of time left after 2:30p for him to decompress, so I'll have to watch how he handles the work load. And to think that I plan to add speech therapy to his schedule. I hope I can be up for the task!

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