Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Goals, part 1

OT report: Did swing work, letting me take him faster and higher for a short period of time, then did some drawing/coloring & fine motor peg design activity.

I typed Nikko's IEP goals from this year on yesterday's blog entry, and today the teachers sent back their 3rd quarter evaluation. 3 of Nikko's unbolded goals were met, but 2 previously bolded goals were qualified saying he was inconsistent in responding to the goals. They also sent me back a draft of his present levels of academic achievement, as well as a draft of next year's goals. I'm going to paste the present levels and save typing up next year's goal for tomorrow's blog (and his last day of school). But one thing to note that he did today was that I was sitting down with Audrey and pulled out a book to read, in the hopes that Nikko would sit down with us and read along. He did, and when I turned a page and pointed to a cat, I asked aloud, "What is that?" Nikko pointed and said, "Cat." The same thing happened to Dog, and to Baby. I was so happy that Nikko actually took his index finger and pointed directly at each item on the page. Audrey chimed in, too, but really the moment for me was about Nikko. :)

OK, the present activity performance:
Happy, Nikko learns quickly when focused, loves dancing/movement activities, gross motor skills

Language, short attention span. Socialization dependent on language.

Nikko is generally healthy with good school attendance. Nikko passed the vision screening with the vision therapist from NSSEO on 3/3/10. Passed audiological at Lutheran General on 3/30/09. No health concerns at this time.

Nikko has learned the classroom routines nicely. He does still occasionally need assistance to transition between activities. At times, he still requires visuals to help in transitions. He is using a picture schedule during the day. Nikko will now sit appropriately for large group times although still requires use of a cube chair to define his space. His participation in small group instruction time varies depending on the nature of the task. He will engage in non preferred tasks for a longer period of time now. Nikko is responding to his name consistently and following familiar 1 step directions in the classroom. He is now beginning to label and request using single words in the classroom setting although much of it needs to be prompted. He will imitate 2-3 word phrases. His volume has increased and the use of a “sing-song” voice is decreasing. He is able to name family members and teachers pictures although he has not generalized this information yet to the classroom. Nikko is now working on learning peers names. Nikko is able to sort pictures and objects into categories appropriately. He is starting to label colors. He is now pointing to pictures in books. Nikko is able to use fine motor materials for their intended purpose. He is able to perform puzzles, string beads, stack blocks and can color with approximation. Nikko is just now beginning to draw and cut. His attention and participation in fine motor activities continues to develop. In the play area, Nikko is playing in a greater number of play areas and playing near peers. He is becoming much more aware of his peers during play and is using toys in a functional way. He is also playing in areas for longer periods of time. Fewer self-stimming behaviors are noted such as darting across the room during play time and lining things up. He does continue with vocal stim as he is increasing his use of language. Nikko is demonstrating more purposeful play in the playground and tries all areas of the playground with facilitation to get him started.

Nikko can perform the arrival routine most of the time independently. He may require a prompt after he has put his backpack and coat away to sign in. Nikko requires more support for the departure routine. After set-up he can put his coat on and backpack but may need prompts to sequence the steps of the routine. Nikko also requires assistance for fasteners. Nikko is now able to wash his hands independently and with cues and direction will help with clean-up.

Describe the effect of this individual’s disability on involvement and progress in the general education curriculum and the functional implications of the student’s skills:
Decreased fine motor skills, independent functioning, and atypical sensory processing all impact Nikko’s ability to participate in typical preschool activities. Nikko’s communication delays limit his ability to interact with others and get his needs/wants met in the classroom setting.

This last paragraph is really important. It shows me that Nikko needs to improve his fine motor skills, daily functioning/self-help skills, and sensory regulation.

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