Friday, June 18, 2010

Jump tent @ Lions Park

Denis was home this morning because I had a dentist appointment scheduled for 10a. Ronin walked with us to school today, and when we arrived, Nikko was ready to rush into the room. Mrs. McCarthy stopped him to say hello, I bent down for a good-bye kiss, then he walked into the room. Mrs. Damerjian stopped him to deposit his hand-held belongings into a laundry basket along with his backpack, then he took off. I went to my dentist appointment and to my surprise, they smoothed out and polished the crack in my crown. Dr. Butler even said that if they had to take off the crown and replace it, he would do it at his own expense because it hadn't even been two months since the first crown was put in. I almost said, "No, no, I'll pay for it," but wisely stopped myself. He fixed the crown so that when I floss the string doesn't get shredded, and so we didn't have to take off the crown, no shots, I was free to go. I LOVE MY DENTIST AND HIS ASSISTANT! ♥♥♥ Nikko's school report didn't have any written comments except that he used the bathroom and that he played at the sand table with Olivia and Parker.

Melisa came early this afternoon for Nikko's ABA session. Nikko didn't seem to have a good time at the beginning. He refused to sit for her, and even crumpled onto the floor in an emotional outburst. I could hear the outburst from up here and it sounded different from his usual protests. Don't know what spurnned that on. After therapy, we fed the kids early and took them to Lions Park to see some jugglers before their Concert In the Park series, as well as to play in the playground. Denis came up with this idea in the afternoon, and it's always good to have the kids experience community events if we have the manpower to do it. Tianna was supposed to come over today, but the window of time was really short so I promised her we'd do something fun next week. The kids enjoyed the playground immensely, but we had to take them for a walk toward the band shell to see the juggler. We walked by a jump air tent and Ronin really wanted to go in. Audrey did, too, despite my initial refusal because she was so small. Turns out there weren't many kids in the jump tent and she did really, really well. No collisions. And she had a blast! Nikko refused to go into the tent. Instead, he opted to crash into the air step in front of the tent opening. I think the tent owners were a little confused by Nikko, but they didn't push him away and let him run up to the tent step, push on it, sit on it, then bounce away. It was too difficult to get the kids away from the tent and sit still to watch the clown juggler perform so I told Denis that it was time to go back to the playground. I could tell from Nikko's whining that he would rather stay at the tent, but we had to disengage from that scene. It took a while for him to be ok with going on the playground equipment again but he acclimated evenutally. When it was time to leave the park, he was fussing because he didn't want to leave. OH WELL. It was already 7:15p, time for baths and bed!

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