Monday, June 7, 2010

Raining wherever we went

6/7/10 12:27a
I woke up feeling weak and with a cold. Our plans today were to go to the Naperville Kite Festival, but I had to catch up on a little rest before I could function. We had a late start but made it out to the Naperville grounds by 2p. We spread out for lunch. Ronin was inconsolable because he wanted to play at the playgrounds whereas we were trying to finish eating and fly some kites. All our wishes were overridden by the ominous storm clouds that quickly rolled over our heads. The kite festival people had already begun to ground their kites when the drizzle started. We packed up the kids and headed back to the Pilot, but Nikko started a big tantrum. He wanted to stay, and refused to sit in the double stroller. I had Audrey in the umbrella stroller and was walking quickly but managed to look over my shoulder and saw Denis struggling with a Noodleman Nikko. Ultimately, Denis put Nikko over his shoulder and guided Ronin & our stuff with the other hand. In the process, Nikko had dropped his Rex Dinosaur figurine and his box of Band Aids. I noticed this while strapping him into the car and giving him a Dum Dum lollipop to calm him down. I retraced their steps and found the box of Band Aids, but Rex was lost. Nikko’s tantrum dissipated while watching Toy Story in the Pilot, but it left us with a sour taste. We drove home, but stopped at another park to possibly try flying our kites. It had a playground area with a train and Ronin was determined to play on it. We let the kids run around for 15-20 minutes when the storm clouds found us again and we had to evacuate with 3 dirty kids. Our last stop of the day was to Costco, where Ronin was energized and running around trying to put things in our cart. At the checkout line, Nikko was anxious to get out of the cart and try swiping his Costco card into any slot on the register he could reach. I was very glad to get home, since we were followed by sun showers.

My cold turned into a temperature and the body aches have begun. I tried to counter it with acetaminophen and wonder how long it will last. I think I’m losing my taste buds, so I shouldn’t even waste my time munching on Pirate Booty corn puffs here. Oh. I just bit into a Milano cookie. Can’t taste it. Definitely putting back any other ones. Why waste them?

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