Thursday, June 10, 2010

Redirect, redirect

Did I mention that I finally did find Mike Wazowski? He was wedged in between sofa cushions. Of course.

I had my last follow-up eye appointment today. Had to pack the rugrats in the Pilot and I felt like we were running late. Gotta be there at 11? Diaper changes at 10, socks and shoes at 10:15, walk out the door at 10:30 to strap kids into car, drive off by 10:45. This has to be the protocol, in order for me not to be late. Today I started socks and shoes late, so I was a wreck while strapping in the kids at 10:45. We made it on time, but geez, I really have to remind myself to prep earlier so I don't leave like an ogre and so mad at everybody. And while we were there, the kids were very good. Ronin stood behind the chair I was in, and I had to usher him back because there were cords over there. Nikko stood in the doorway and was making noises in the hallway, but was still pretty calm. For once, Audrey stood still. The doc gave me the green light, saying there was scar tissue that I couldn't do anything about. I let the kids play a little longer in the foyer, to bounce on the bouncy horse and clean up the blocks they had previously scattered. Then we left. They watched Hi-5 on the way to McDonald's, where I picked up nuggets and fries as their reward for being so good. It's always refreshing to me to put in a Hi-5 DVD in the car because they keep watching Toy Story at home, the music is catchy and lovely, and the kids get smiles on their faces when they recognize the characters. Nikko seems to enjoy watching Karla make faces. Audrey always looks enraptured by whatever scene is on Hi-5.

Jenna came at 1p and Sarah was here to observe. Jenna said his session was good overall but he was whiny at the end of it. Nikko seemed in good spirits when he came back upstairs. After I gave the kids snack, I took the kids back into the basement to play. Ronin had created a tunnel obstacle course which all three enjoyed, and Nikko was running through the hula hoops that were propped vertically between the athletic mats. He had also worked up a big sweat. Later on, before dinner, Nikko had spit up some juice on his t-shirt so I took it off and let him remain shirtless because it was warm in the house. When I check on him later, I saw that he had taken off his shorts and was enjoying sitting in the Thomas chair. I couldn't let Nikko sit around in just his diaper, even though I didn't mind at first, because again it's a habit that I don't want him to develop. I gave him a diaper change and he started fighting me because he knew I was going to re-dress him. And he was ANGRY at me. He tried to take off his t-shirt but couldn't pull it over his head because he was hot and sticky from sweat. I gave up trying to resist his beating me and announced that it was Vitamin Time. Redirection worked as he joined his sibs in the kitchen, reluctantly at first, but later he bounded off with two extra gummy vites in his hand. The tantrum was forgotten, the shirt and shorts stayed on until bath time. Whew!

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