Monday, June 21, 2010

Cheese puffs obsession

Nothing much happened on Saturday until the late afternoon. After the kids' afternoon snack I really wanted us to go outside in some capacity to enjoy the great weather. We packed up some juice & kites and drove to Melas Park. There were empty soccer fields behind a mulch-covered playground and our intent was to do some kite flying. The kids came first and we unleashed them into the playground. There was a train with coach cars for climbing, a truck facade that Audrey camped in frequently, a jungle gym with varying slides, a teeter-totter and swings. Nikko and Ronin were brave enough to climb up a slide "the wrong way" to access some stairs and go up to a steep tube slide. Ronin received lots of praise each time he appeared at the bottom and he would hop off the slide proclaiming, "I DID IT! I DID IT!" Nikko was not as vocal, but he experimented going through the tube by slowing down the speed with his feet and hands. I could hear him babbling to himself in the tunnel and had to encourage him to hurry up. We eventually got to the soccer field and Denis flew two of our kites quite successfully. Meanwhile, the kids discovered a netted soccer goal and kept getting their limbs tangled in the net.

Today was Father's Day and we were low-key. Lots of watching Chuggington in the afternoon. We headed to Pat's house for the Alog dinner celebration. I find that I am able to relax the most at their house because their family room is so open and inviting to the kids. Ronin loves going to "Jovy's house" and plays with her toy food and Thomas trains unabashedly. Jovy wasn't feeling great today, but if she were in top form I would assume that she would have been very protective of her trains, since Ronin seemed to claim Gordon and the wooden tracks as his own. Nikko held onto his Toy Story hoard of figurines (stowed in that clear vinyl fish cup) and migrated between rooms. All the kids' appetites stunk, but Nikko was very attached to Anna's tiramisu. I gave him a square and he took small spoonfuls of the whipped cream. When he finished, I worried that he would put up a huge fight if he didn't have more "cake", but I told him we were all done, no more cake, it was time to go. No meltdown, thank goodness. Nikko does not know his own limits when it comes to food that he really likes. He can probably devour an entire jar of Costco peaches so I have to put the kabosh on him at some point. He also eagerly eats the Cheetos White Cheddar Cheese Puffs and gets angry with me if I don't give him more. The bad thing is that he gets to levels of borderline obsession on some foods. This morning he asked me for cheese puffs for breakfast and I had to stand firm with a no. It took a lot of direction (and a lot of withstanding his beating me on the arm or the chest with an open hand) to distract him and get him into the kitchen eating something else. He hovered by the pantry closet (where the cheese puffs are) until I enticed him over to the table with chocolate milk (Quik) and a bagel.

Side note: Ronin is already allergic to dairy, eggs and peanuts/tree nuts. He had a bad reaction to lentils. Today I tried a new Earth Balance [fake] butter spread, one that had no soy, but in hindsight had pea protein. Ronin's lip was swelling on one side of his upper mouth, so I gave him a Benadryl tablet chew and decided that I have to put the kibosh on using that type of spread. The problem is I am out of the regular Earth Balance spread, and need to figure out when I can make a trip to get some. Ronin must be allergic to peas, too. This means I should rule out all legumes, which would include beans like kidney. That sucks.

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