Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nikko's IEP Meeting

The IEP meeting went smoothly. It was Ms. Winters, Mrs. McCarthy and Mrs. I. I didn't have any objections to the goals they proposed for the next school year, and I was able to get my questions answered:
Should we seek private ST outside the home? YES.
How many times should we utilize Linda Hoeck? She works for the district, but is really more of a consultant. They only really contact her during our team meetings or if there's a problem that they need advice with.
Will there be an aide during ESY? YES.
Does Ronin need to be potty trained before school starts? NO. *YEA!!!!!*

And my notes on the meeting were:
1.) Work on using earbuds over the summer, to prepare Nikko for his eventual audiology testing
2.) Get a personal/mini wipe board to encourage Nikko's drawing
3.) Nikko likes using the photobooks with vibrant colors. (Kathy generously lent us the ones he uses during speech, to utilize over the summer. WOW!)
4.) During clean-up routine, give Nikko a specific task to complete instead of generalizing the entire room. Better results this way.
5.) Increase his vocabulary to give Nikko more options to label things.
6.) Give Nikko appropriate ways to say NO, to replace hitting or pushing. "I don't want to" "I don't like that" "NO THANK YOU"
7.) Continue/increase using social stories with Nikko
8.) Referral for a speech language pathologist: Pathways, in Glenview, off-site
9.) Start using photo cards (from Lakeshore Learning) to enhance vocabulary & supply choices

Since yesterday's Target outing, Nikko has been carrying around the Buzz Lightyear and Rex Dinosaur figures, but is also carrying a Band Aid box of Toy Story, a plastic "credit" card, and currently, a pink Barbie camera. It's a LOT to hold, and I don't know why the hoarding tendencies are cropping up again. He was also very fixated on a pile of tactile-friendly brick blocks that has been strewn on the floor since yesterday. He wouldn't allow me to clean it up. He went totally ballistic on me, and then later on Denis. There was nothing I could do but let him run through his meltdown, because those blocks had to get cleaned up. He tantrummed so hard that he ultimately fell asleep while sitting up, leaning on me as I sat on an ottoman. And now I think the poor kid caught a cold because he has the coughs.

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