Monday, June 28, 2010


This morning before school I had to "help" Nikko pass another big bowel movement. I really hesitated to do this, since it's Monday and the last time I helped him was only Thursday. But sure enough, he needed the help - and it was painful. Poor guy. We walked him to school and I warned Mrs. McCarthy about his status. She informed me later that within 15 minutes of my leaving, he had another big poo, probably trying to clear it all out of his system. And then he had a great day at preschool, she said. It made me all the more determined to try to fix this constipation problem. I'll call Dr. Santiago tomorrow and see if she can talk about ways to get him regular besides feeding him high fiber foods, which he is not willingly eating. I was happy to see him eating the spinach and cheese raviloi (w/spaghetti sauce) that I got from Costco. He didn't finish all of it, but did eat two at lunch, and one at dinner. Nikko was in great shape for Sarah at 1pm, and he had a very good, compliant session. Sarah said he was babbling a lot, and I didn't hear any protests or screams from him. He also stayed willingly in his chair.

I took the kiddos to Wal-Mart for provisions. Nikko and Ronin walked while Audrey sat in the cart. She made off with a purple fuzzy pillow, Ronin picked a green Matchbox car, and Nikko suddenly became attached to a Handy Manny toolbox that played music with bouncing tools. For the first time in three weeks, the Buzz Lightyear figurine was forgotten and lost hoarding-status. I'll keep it handy in case that toolbox becomes too cumbersome to carry around. *mixed feelings* I got some Dole fruit juices among other things, so when dinnertime rolled around I put some juice in a cup, laced it with some Benefiber, and offered it to Nikko. He really enjoys drinking from a cup at our in-laws' house and this was no exception. And finally, FINALLY, before his bath he sat on the toilet and had an in-the-bowl messy bowel movement. HOOORRRRAAAYYYY! It's by no means at a level of predictability, but it's a start. Maybe the Benefiber is kicking in, plus the juice, so I'll try offering juice to Nikko in the mornings this week. I'm going to cut out the chocolate milk this week to see if it affects his BMs. I'll try to keep the rest of the dairy on the down low.

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